No More Buckling Under Pressure with Laser Tools’ Stretchy Belt Tool 

It really shouldn’t surprise us anymore but, guess what? Laser Tools are back with yet another handy little tool that will streamline your work so quickly that you’ll be left wondering how you ever got anything done without it. 

This nifty little gadget is a double-sided stretchy-belt tool used for safely removing and installing stretchy drive/alternator and accessory belts without causing damage to either the belt or the pulley.  

Just introduced by Laser Tools, this is a combination of a removal and installation tool for most stretchy-belt applications – because nothing’s better than a two-in-one tool. Well, maybe a three-in-one? Some food for thought for Laser Tools’ innovation team… 


On the face of each side of the tool is a strong magnet to keep it in position as the pulley is turned to remove or install a new belt – because there indeed aren’t many things more frustrating than fitting one of these on only to have it immediately slip out of place at the first tug. 

With these little guys, the belt is eased steadily over the edge of the pulley as you rotate the crankshaft or pulley, either with a ratchet or by hand (let’s be honest, we all know that one macho hanging around a dark corner of the garage, sneering at the apprentice reaching for the ratchet). 


A robust and solid tool, these double-sided tools are zinc-plated, guaranteeing you peace of mind for all their years of use. Available now from your Laser Tools stockist, make sure not to miss out – or you might just get left behind with the times.  


You can find out more about these tools on Laser Tools’ website, where you’ll also be able to browse through the brand’s extensive range of hand tools for professional automotive industry workers. 

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