Laser Tools to the truckers’ rescue

Are you sick and tired of spending hours sweating over brake springs that you just can’t seem to get to? Well, there’s no need to quit your job out of frustration because Laser Tools have yet again come to the rescue.

Laser Tools Brake Lever

From the Laser Tools HGV range of specialist tools comes the S-Cam brake spring lever (8056), a tool specially designed to allow you to quickly and easily both remove and refit the brake shoe retaining springs on HGV drum brakes.

Mechanics and truckers stranded by the side of the road can forget rough and ready, dangerous methods of unhooking and reconnecting the brake shoe retaining springs that might end up leaving your truck in a worse shape than it started out with.

Laser Tools Brake Lever

With the company’s newest tool, all you’ve got to do is simply hook the lever onto the spring loop and press down. The length of the lever located against the axle makes this an effortless and safe procedure, while the tough plastic handle ensures a safe grip – because Laser Tools knows that slippery hands have never done anyone any good.

The 8056 S-Cam brake spring lever is available now from your Laser Tools stockist, typically priced at £43.34 (including VAT).

You can check out the company’s website and browse through their extensive range of hand tools that are sure to make your everyday life simpler.

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