Car Won’t Start? Laser Tools’ Multi-Function Jump Start Power Pack Has Your Back 

Laser Tools' Multi-Function Jump Start Power Pack

Nothing ruins your day faster than getting into your car in the morning, probably already late for work, only to hear the motor whine and splutter and realising that your car is not going to start. Don’t worry, though: Laser Tools’ got you covered. 

Just in time for the colder weather, Laser Tools, the specialist in premier hand tools for the automotive industry, has launched this ingenious multi-function jump starter

Don’t be fooled by the size! This efficient and extremely compact emergency engine starting power pack may look surprisingly small but it packs a powerful punch.  

It only takes a minute of gawking at this beautiful piece of kit to see how carefully it was designed to make the most of every component.  

Not only does it feature a bright LED to illuminate the work area, which features a flashing mode that can be used as an emergency beacon, but it’s also fitted with two USB outputs and a Type-C input/output port – meaning you can use as a power bank for your phone, laptop, even your camping kettle. 

Laser Tools' Multi-Function Jump Start Power Pack

The cable clamp adaptor comes fitted with a digital voltage display and everything comes packed in a conveniently compact and protective case, which also includes a multi-function lead with USB, 2 Type-C, and a micro-USB connector. 

The unit is charged from a suitable USB port on a PC, taking approximately three hours to fully charge, and, as it charges, the power/charging LED display will cycle through the four LEDs. Once fully charged, the LED display shows four indicator lights ON.  

Jump starting a car with a flat battery couldn’t be easier: simply connect the cable clamp adaptor to the jump starter, connect the clamps to the car’s battery and start the car. 

Capable of starting diesel engines up to 3.5 litres and petrol engines up to 4.5 litres, this ingenious unit is a remarkably versatile and powerful little jump starter. 

Currently on offer until November 30th from your local Laser Tools supplier at £119.94, it’s not just a jump starter – it’s the perfect Christmas gift for that boy scout dad we all know who can’t stand the thought of not being prepared for every scenario. 

Laser Tools' Multi-Function Jump Start Power Pack

Find out more about this multi-function jump starter here, or visit Laser Tools’ website, where you can also browse through the brand’s extensive range of specialised hand tools. 

Watch this handy multi-function jump starter in action here. 

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever found yourself with a car that wouldn’t start? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know how you got out! 

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