Laser Tools soldering solution

Laser Tools’ cordless rechargeable soldering iron 

I know, I know, Laser Tools announced the release of their new soldering iron several months ago but what can I do, I’ve only now just got the time to try it out. 

Laser tools soldering iron

Essentially, what they’ve created is a cordless soldering iron that they claim will run for an entire hour on a single charge and is as just powerful as a corded soldering iron – not to be a cynic or anything, but it sounded a bit too good to be true.  

The soldering iron itself feels quite lightweight and it’s evenly weighted with grooves in all the correct places to fit your hand safe and snugly. The material covering the body of the iron has a soft rubber feel which, thankfully, is also non-slip.  

To turn on the iron you must press the ‘on’ button and then touch your finger to the pad on the side of the iron. There’s a sneaky little safety feature hidden here: if you take your finger off the pad, the iron will immediately stop warming up, or if it’s all ready to use and you then remove your finger, it’ll instantly begin to cool down – not only does this make it a much safer tool to use, I assume it’s also handy on site.  

Laser tool's soldering iron

Within a couple of minutes of being turned on, it was heated and ready to be used. The first product we wanted to try it on was a circuit board that we (conveniently) just had lying around the office. We melted the previous soldering on the circuit board, added new solder onto it and over soldered some critical areas.  

Sure, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m about as far from an expert on these matters as you can possibly be but, in my very inexpert opinion, it works just as well as all the other corded solder irons I have used – just without the restriction of a cord attached to it.  

The light weight of the iron meant I was comfortable the whole time I was soldering the circuit board and it never felt as though my hands were getting heavy or that I needed to adjust the positioning of my hand.  

The small cleaning pad fits snugly in its little compartment, making cleaning the iron easy and stress-free, and the stand is easy to insert the iron into and keeps it well secured once in it.  

Overall, I really have no complaints about the soldering iron, and I am excited to try it in different environments.   

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