Knipex launches new brochure and tool cases

Knipex’s New Tool Cases and Brochure – Everything You Need And Then Some 

Knipex, the German pliers’ specialist that never stops innovating, has launched a new downloadable brochure featuring its much sought-after tool cases and kits – and you know you’re not going to want to miss this one.  

Working in the trades industry, every job is different and it can be hard to know what you’re going to need to bring in your tool case when you’re moving from site to site – especially if you’re just getting started in your trade. 

With Knipexs toolkits, though, taking your pick has just got a whole lot easier. With full toolkits designed for each trade, all crammed to the brim with quality Knipex tools that are sure to get any professional’s mouth watering at first sight, Knipex has just made it so much simpler to figure out what you need to form the get-go. 

Available to browse in their newest brochure, Knipex has also released a new range of stylish tool cases which features five models, each offering a myriad of configurations and options and an ideal balance between an attractive design and plenty of storage space.  

As well as being lightweight, the Knipex tool cases have a sturdy construction and the most compact dimensions possible, because no one misses the boom-box carrying days (or maybe it’s buying pack after pack of DD batteries that I don’t miss).  

These tool cases’ designs have been tailored to the many different needs of tradespeople and are therefore available in a wide range of sizes and versions to accommodate each individual tradesperson.  

You can download the brochure here, and check out Knipex’s full range of specialist pliers, snazzy tool cases and specially designed toolkits on the company’s website. 

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