KNIPEX Present Their New Pliers Products

Knipex, the leading plier manufacturer, are ready to show off their new plans for 2023 in their online product showcase. Running on their YouTube channel, the showcase will highlight some of the exciting products from the brand, and of course, pliers.

You can see the footage here:

This is available in German and English. Subtitles are provided for Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and Turkish.

Knipex are a Germany company from Wuppertal that have been leading the way for pliers. Their products are reliable and trusted by the industry for their study design and practical abilities. With a large range already on the market, Knipex are able to offer a solution to most issues faced by the industry.

With a continued effort to design and develop new products regularly, Knipex are constantly finding new and better ways to handle industry issues and problems.

We carry a lot of the Knipex brand here at TOOLKiT, because we believe that the brand is a good investment for any tradesperson. With Knipex, it’s a tool for life. So, if you want pliers, Knipex are the one!

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