KNIPEX Drops Some New Tools - Update 2021

KNIPEX Drops Some New Tools – Update 2021

One minute you are enjoying a leisurely Saturday and then boom – down drops a video from KNIPEX detailing their latest update to their tool portfolio. The innovation has not been shy over in Wuppertal. In a video which has contributions spanning R&D, product development and customer base. A new slew of product updates are dropped on a our laps. All neatly presented by Ralph Putsch KNIPEX Managing Director.

The tools include:

A completely new tool in the KNIPEX Bix ceiling sleeve cutter, plastic pipes (20mm to 50mm) great for plumbing and PVC conduit. Born from an R&D request from a plastic sleeve manufacturer, the KNIPEX Bix has been engineered to do more and does not disappoint, judging by the demonstration by – Tim Liedtke Product Developer of the Bix.

The next innovation and exciting development is of not such a gigantic scale. In fact you would think we had been transported to Lilliput for the next product update. But do not be surprised with the scale of the KNIPEX pliers Wrench XS. The smallest member of the wrench in the range. Presented by Trent Palmer, a Bush Pilot and probably the person living with the most perfect life ever. Trent went on the describe how perfect the KNIPEX Pliers Wrench XS were for checking over his plane engine or his snowmobile.

Once you are done reeling by how amazing Trent’s life is, concentrate on the Wrench XS. They are simply small and perfectly formed, providing amazing versatility in such a small size. And as Trent said like a mini ratchet set in your pocket.

Rainer Messerschmidt was asked why he developed the KNIPEX CUTix snip off knife? And then he proceeds to answer with a perfect demonstration of how KNIPEX have really taken a tool which has spent its life being nearly completely developed. To a well rounded tool, completely developed by KNIPEX. It has two sliders. One for the blade and the second has an innovative stabilisation bar. This really appears to be a remarkable tool for all cutting tasks.

Finally Peter Grable – Senior Senior Product Manager US provides a detailed explanation of the KNIPEX TwinGrip SlipJoint Pliers. Yet again KNIPEX appears to have taken a common tool staple and completed the development. As expected it comes with five stage push button adjustment. TwinGrip means Front grip and and side jaws which are precision machined and treated to extend the life of the pliers. Also the KNIPEX TwinGrip SlipJoint Pliers are available in two handle types, one for comfort and the other for slim fitting.

All tools in the update will be available from September onward. Watch the video here:

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