Take crimping to the next level with Knipex

Our prayers have been answered! We need to fret no more because Knipex, a brand so well established in the tool marketplace it requires no introduction, has upped the game for all electricians out there by updating its Automatic Crimping Pliers for Wire Ferrules.

Knipex Electrician Tool - Automatic Crimping Pliers for Wire Ferrules

With enormous capacity, these self-adjusting pliers are suitable for single wire ferrules up to 16 mm² and twin wire ferrules up to 2 x 10 mm². Yes, you read that right – no more fumbling around your packout for tool after tool (after tool, ad nauseum).

Indeed, these innovative pliers have been designed by Knipex for electrical contractors, engineers, and pretty much anyone who crimp wires, to save time, money, and effort – because impatience really is universal.

The Automatic Crimping Pliers for Wire Ferrules provide an automatic self-adjustment to wire ferrules with a ratcheting mechanism that ensures a complete crimping cycle for consistent, reliable and fast crimping. A hexagonal shaped crimp layout provides a near round form and is particularly suitable for confined connections.

Knipex Electrician Tool - Automatic Crimping Pliers for Wire Ferrules

Ergonomically designed and with a comfortable handle, the pliers provide a smooth operation, and are lightweight too, meaning they can be used for volume crimping applications comfortably. The tool has been designed to provide the optimum transmission of force with a toggle lever for a fatigue-reducing operation.

The Automatic Crimping Pliers automatically adapt with self-adjustment to the wire ferrule size for precise and quick crimping. The pliers’ crimping pressure has been calibrated in the Knipex factory for precise crimping and complies with the crimping of wire ferrules according to DIN 46228 parts 1+4.

To find out all about this indispensable piece of kit, visit Knipex’s website.

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