Join IVECO from the 18th-20th April at the 2023 Commercial Vehicle Show for the first chance to get up close and personal with IVECO’s eDaily !

IVECOS eDaily is fully electric bringing us an eco-friendly alternative to the IVECOS Daily. The new electric LCV includes a wide range of applications which you can take full advantage of with its onboard power. Tippers, chilled and refrigerated box vans and ariel platforms are just a few of the vehicle’s game-changing electric applications.

This vehicle doesn’t just have top notch applications it also features a broad range of capabilities, the eDaily retains its rugged truck-based chassis enabling an rivalled payload, a whopping 3.5-tonne capacity, and the highest amount of body types than any other vehicle in its class! It doesn’t stop there with the IVECO eDaily as it is also currently the only eLCV on sale to provide a 15kw Epto.


One of its newer qualities is its driver pal brought by Amazon Alexa which allows you to not only run a vehicle status check it also allows you to create lists now this could be to help you remember your latest tool accessories order or just to keep some notes about a job stored safe and secure. Better yet by connecting your own Amazon account you will be able to order what you need from the comfort of you van saving you time that you might not have.

Mike Cutts, IVECOS Light Business Line Director commented on the revolutionary eDaily saying “This all-electric model is a real statement for IVECO, highlighting that an EV needn’t mean compromise. With the unique characteristics that this vehicle offers the eLCV sector.”

The vehicles innovative pneumatic suspension with smart electric controls is easily controlled with a joystick this enhances your driving comfort and protects not only you but your tools, meaning the noise of your tools going for a joyride in the back of your van will be no more.

The vans practical workspace means trying to balance doing last minute paper work or contracts for a job on your steering wheel or someone’s back is no more! The eDaily’s extractable table provides actual support for doing paperwork perfect for a contract signing.

This isn’t the only Eco-friendly product that will be featured on the IVECO stand with other products including a S-Way 460hp Natural Gas Truck. What really stands out about this truck is it produces up to 95% less C02 than an equivalent diesel model. With the rising pressure to bring down energy consumption for businesses why not feel what eco-friendly feels like at the 2023 Commercial hire show where IVECO are allowing attendees to get behind the wheel of a S-Way 490 also known as the ‘Fuel Hero’ and Ride & Drive.

Iveco aren’t the only one releasing eco-friendly electric equipment with a new wave of electric vehicle’s taking over the construction industry.

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