Introducing Electro-Hydraulic Table Lifts

Revolutionary Solution for EV Workshops: Laser Tools Introduces Electro-Hydraulic Table Lifts

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With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) over the past few years, workshops are facing a new challenge when it comes to servicing and replacing the heavy and cumbersome battery packs. Technicians require a safe and user-friendly solution, and Laser Tools has come up with the perfect answer.

Introducing their cutting-edge electro-hydraulic table lifts, designed specifically to tackle the unique demands of EV maintenance. These innovative lifts provide workshops with the convenience and efficiency they need to handle battery pack disassembly and removal, as well as working on internal combustion engines and transmissions.

The Laser Tools range offers two models to cater to different workshop requirements. The first is a 1-tonne capacity lift (part number 8524), while the second boasts a 1.4-tonne capacity (part number 8525). Powered by a 230V system, these mobile table lifts feature adjustable and tilting lifting platforms, allowing easy access under the vehicle for seamless battery pack removal.

Equipped with a composite wooden table surface, specially milled openings provide convenient access for battery fasteners, EV connections, or transmission mounts. The lifts are designed to ensure the safe lowering and transportation of heavy EV batteries, thanks to their four steering castor wheels (two of which are braked).

One of the standout features of these table lifts is the adjustable tilting table top, which simplifies the realignment of the battery during the refitting process. Additionally, both models are equipped with double hydraulic cylinders, low friction polyethylene (PE) sliding bearing blocks, anti-crush stops for added safety, a dead-man control feature, and a retractable 5-metre mains cable. Rest assured, these lifts comply with CE and UKCA standards, guaranteeing top-notch quality and adherence to safety regulations.

The Laser Tools electro-hydraulic table lifts have been meticulously designed and manufactured with safety and convenience as top priorities. They are now available for purchase from your trusted Laser Tools stockist, providing workshops with the ideal solution for efficient EV maintenance.

Stay ahead of the game and equip your workshop with these state-of-the-art lifts. Make your EV servicing a breeze and experience the future of automotive technology. Visit your nearest Laser Tools stockist today and elevate your workshop to new heights!

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