Illumin8 Lights choose sustainability with Trime’s latest innovation 

Summer’s coming and with it all the festivals, parties and beer gardens our sun-deprived minds have been dreaming about for the last six months. Even with British Summertime’s half-nine sunset, though, one thing that can’t be missing from all these events is safe and reliable lighting, and Illumin8 Light’s latest investment guarantees you’ll always be able to find your way around. 

With the rise in post-pandemic outside events, and the increasing demand for more lighting on construction sites, trackside works and industrial projects, Illumin8 Lights, the site lighting specialists, are preparing to meet these demands with the purchase of thirty-six lighting towers from Trime UK

Illumin8 has one of the most modern, eco-friendly lighting rental fleets available today.
Illumin8 has one of the most modern, eco-friendly lighting rental fleets available today.

Founded in 2015, Illumin8 has one of the most modern, eco-friendly lighting rental fleets available today. All their sets have been carefully selected for ease of operation, low-fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and limited noise pollution. Illumin8 sets produce bright, safe, and economical site lighting for a variety of applications, including outside events, rail projects, highway working, and construction sites. 

For those of us unfamiliar with Trime, the Trime Group has over 50 years of experience in the manufacture, development and marketing of environmentally sustainable lighting sets for the rail, offshore, event, construction and rental markets. With a manufacturing plant located near Milan, Italy, and their headquarters in Huntington, Cambridgeshire, Trime is an internationally recognised staple in the lighting market, and their products are distributed worldwide.  

Illumin8 has opted to invest in Trime’s latest development, the X-Eco Hybrid Lithium. Powered by advanced lithium battery technology, the X- Eco Hybrid Lithium can be fully recharged in less than two hours. This means that, in a ten-hour cycle, the X- Eco Hybrid Lithium is powered exclusively by its batteries for 80% of operation – meaning that not only does it make no noise, but it also puts out zero carbon emissions. 

The latest model’s benefits don’t stop there either: due to its extremely compact design, twelve units of the X-Eco Hybrid Lithium range can be delivered in a single truck – saving us all some much needed time and petrol. The towers’ lighting comes from six energy-saving, long-lasting LED lamps, which deliver an illuminated area of over 3000 square metres.  

Illumin8’s X-Eco Lithium sets are fitted with a solar panel, for lights that deliver full sustainability.
Illumin8’s X-Eco Lithium sets are fitted with a solar panel.

Uniquely, Illumin8’s X-Eco Lithium sets are fitted with a solar panel, which aids emission-free battery charging. This makes these lights three times more efficient than any other standard hybrid lighting towers.  

Neil Fenwick, founder and Managing Director of Illumin8, says: 

“Our lighting tower fleet is exclusively manufactured by Trime. Our overriding aim is to develop the most sustainable fleet of tower lights, hence our decision to invest in these X-ECO LITHIUM sets. The addition of a solar panel means that our clients will save fuel costs, which has become of paramount importance with the switch away from reduced-duty red diesel.” 

In addition, Illumin8 have an advanced tracking system fitted to their entire fleet of lighting towers. They can see, via a connected device, the actual location of each unit and supervise how it is performing. This enables an engineer to quickly complete basic checks, such as low oil, low fuel and low battery levels. The engineer will then report this information back to the operator for rectification before the set becomes inoperable, turning a potentially long process into a hassle-free solution.  

Speaking of the changes the market has been through over the last couple of months, Neil comments: 

“We believe that we have one of the newest and largest fleet of lighting towers. The event side of our business is quickly getting back to pre-pandemic levels, alongside the large increase in demand for lighting from our construction, utility and rail clients.” 

Does your site look for sustainable lighting solutions? Get in touch and let us know. 

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