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Go Fully Cordless On-Site With Hilti’s New Cordless Technology 

By now, everyone and their grandmas have heard the buzz surrounding Hilti’s upcoming UK launch of their new battery platform, Nuron, and the TOOLKiT team had the honour of being invited to the event where they unveiled not only Nuron but Nuron’s fleet of 70 tools for the first time in Great Britain. 

Nuron battery-powered tools

On the 18th of August 2022, Hilti changed the power tools game forever… And we filmed it all. 

With their new offices located in the heart of the city, it only made sense that Hilti introduced Nuron to the British market with an event in Manchester, but I don’t think anyone saw coming to the scale to which they had planned this whole thing. 

With indoor fireworks, exceptional organisation and multiple demonstration zones set up for customers to put the tools through their paces, it’s clear that Hilti is operating in a league of its own.  

Nurons latest battery-powered breaker

The company has plans to introduce Nuron to the UK’s marketplace in October and with it a fleet of 70 tools specially designed to form an ecosystem with the new fully interchangeable 22V battery platform. With Nuron, Hilti has surpassed the power provided by both corded and gas-powered tools but, even more importantly perhaps, it has, once and for all, brought the construction industry into the digital age. 

With data connectivity built directly into the platform, Nuron connects all Hilti tools to the cloud, automatically transmitting information such as the battery’s state of health, charging location and tool usage – making managing a tool fleet a breeze like never before. 

To find out all about Nuron and the gobsmacking event Hilti put together last month, check out our video below. 

Did you get a chance to check out the Nuron launch for yourself? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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