HAVSPRO’s Strong Early Growth Is A Huge Step Towards Eliminating HAVS and WBV 

The firm behind HAVSPRO, a newly evolved solution for the accurate, real-time measurement and monitoring of workplace vibration, is expanding its workforce to meet the demand for its product from a variety of sectors, including Local Government, manufacturing, engineering and agriculture.   

HAVSPRO is an industry-leading vibration monitoring and measuring solution that generates proactive alerts and in-depth reporting, providing unequivocal evidence in the face of litigation claims and exceeding official requirements to protect your workforce from injury.  

Developed by SIXIS Technology, part of the Simpatica Group, from over 20 years of experience in the field of remote monitoring, HAVSPRO was created with both the safety of operators and the protection of employers in mind. The new technology measures and monitors real-time vibration magnitude as users operate vibrating tools, which drives proactive exposure alerts before the user reaches their limit – thus reducing employees’ likelihood of developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) or Whole-Body Vibration (WBV).   

In its first six months of operation, Derbyshire-based HAVSPRO has grown its team by 50 per cent, across both production and sales functions, and turnover has reached almost £1m. To help the company cope with this influx of interest and orders for its industry-leading product, recruitment is continuing, to ensure further expected growth can be managed.  

With an estimated two million UK workers exposed to the risk of debilitating injuries from Hand Arm Vibration exposure, HAVSPRO is a vital piece of PPE in delivering a healthier, safer workplace, providing a proactive and evidence-based approach in decision making through reliable data.  

Recent interest in HAVSPRO’s unique solution, which sits on the tool rather than the wrist, has led to a flurry of enquiries from a wide range of sectors and industries including local councils, civil engineering, manufacturing, horticultural and engineering, who see the benefits of protecting both their workforce from the far-reaching effects of HAVS and WBV and minimising the risk of corporate litigation.  

Notably, the HAVSPRO system has been incorporated into one of Europe’s largest construction projects, where more than 1,000 of Laing O’Rourke’s workforce are benefiting from accurate real-time monitoring of the risk of exposure to excessive tool vibration. According to client feedback, the biggest success factor for the HAVSPRO system is the ease with which operators can implement the system, as they simply click the sensor on and off the tool they are using.  

Russ Langthorne, Managing Director of HAVSPRO, is pleased but unsurprised by this huge growth in awareness of the potential problems created by HAVS and WBV:  

“We are delighted that companies in all sectors now feel they have a vibration risk management system that goes a long way to proactively protecting their workforce from these life-altering conditions. The added benefit of protecting companies from costly litigations, as we have seen recently, is also a key driver to the continued increase in interest in the HASVSPRO system. We look forward to working with many other organisations in managing the risk of vibration exposure and protecting their staff as effectively as possible.” 

Russ Langthorne, Managing Director of HAVSPRO

To find out more about how HAVSPRO is taking the industry by storm – yet leaving its workers intact – check out the brand’s website, where you’ll be able to find out exactly how it works and how you can get one on-site. 

Have you been affected by either HAVS or WBV? Why not get in touch in the comments below and let us know? 

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