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Giving It Some Polish – The Flex SE 125 18.0 EC

Flex has been making sanders and polishers for years and I think I can safely say that the company has a strong knowledge of what it needs to do to follow the constant innovation curve that is a requirement these days.  

I was pleased to get the SE 125 for a review – after all, it is another surface polisher in the Flex range, but with a clutch of the innovations needed for a modern power tool, i.e. cordless and brushless.  

It is designed for the dry surfacing and polishing of stone and metals, as well as surface sanding of wood. And if your car needs a polish, the SE125 will take care of it for you – you just need to use the right size polishing bonnet.  

A very subtle surprise is the ‘Made in Germany’ sticker stuck discreetly on the side of the gearhead – almost an unusual thing these days, but very welcome in my book for a number of reasons 

The Looks 

The tool is about the size of a large angle grinder and has roughly the same layout, but comparisons end there. The long main handle is slim enough and fitted with enough grippy rubber to provide a comfortable and positive grip. The front business end is neatly counterbalanced by the battery pack on the back and there are well-placed positions for the auxiliary handle on the left or right of the gearhead (also nicely covered with rubber over mould).  

A pair of filters at the base of the handle filter out fine dust that might get into the EC motor and there is also the simple but effective motor speed control that is indicated by a row of four little green lights. Press the + to speed up and the – to slow down. The speeds are modest but suit the tool just fine – no need for angle grinder-like speeds on this polisher.  

No Mystery in the Shroud 

Going back to the front (business) end again, we find a substantial nylon shroud that covers the polishing disc and contains the ring of stiff nylon bristle that keeps escaping dust to a minimum, while also being sufficiently flexible to follow along with irregularities in the surface being polished.  

A Velcro disc is used to attach the abrasive/polisher, and it has an arrangement of holes that allows necessary dust extraction. On the right-hand side of the nylon shroud is a large dust extraction port that is flexible enough to fit a variety of vacuum nozzles and it makes for excellent extraction – not 100%, but as good as I have seen in similar applications. Users are still wisely advised to wear a dust mask.  

If you need to get close to a flat edge (like up against a skirting board if wood sanding) then a simple push on the red front section of the shroud and a push to the left will reveal a straight edge that can be guided along without the bristles getting in the way.  

Another lever under the gear head is used to lower or raise the shroud so that it can be set at exactly the right depth for perfect polishing or sanding and optimum dust collection.  

In use, the SE125 proved to be easy to handle, balanced and easy to adjust to different functions. The motor is quiet and powerful and, again, it is easy to select the speeds needed for the job in hand. It is aimed at a wide market – from granite polishers to car detailers – but it feels so strong and versatile it will be able to handle all these different demands.  

The kit I was sent for review came in the standard Flex L-Boxx with two battery packs, smart charger, spanner, hex key, dust adaptors and auxiliary handle- complete and ready to go – just needing abrasives available from Flex. 

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