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Flameless Heat Shrink Tubing With Laser Tool’s Hot Air Blower 

At this point, we all know that heat shrink tubing is the professional way to insulate wires and connectors but since the process usually requires a mains-powered heat gun, it can at times be more of an inconvenience than you’d expect, especially if working under the dash of a customer’s car out in the car park. 

Well, Laser Tools handy little butane-powered, hot-air blower is just the solution you’ve been looking for. Small enough to fit neatly into your pocket, this little gadget is ready to be fired up whenever you are – not literally, though, as this is, for worker’s safety, a flameless tool. 

By fitting the tool with a simple on/off switch you can press with your thumb, Laser Tools have made sure that it really couldn’t be any easier to use hand-held – a relief, I’m sure, for the many of us who are tired of feeling like we need to go on a week-long course just to figure out our away around some of these new tools. 

Adjustable by a slide regulator, you can fiddle with the temperature until you’re sure you’ve found the right level of heat for the job at hand. Fitted with a 10mm diameter nozzle that delivers gentle heat, it is perfect for working with heat shrink tubes, and because the refillable butane tank has a see-through window, you can always make sure you won’t run out of gas unexpectedly. 

The kit also includes a useful starter set of commonly-used heat shrink sleeves and replacement heat shrinking tube rolls are also available — please see Connect Workshop Consumables part numbers 37113 (4.8mm dia) and 37112 (3.2mm dia). 

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist, you can find out more about this nifty, time-saving tool on Laser Tool’s website, where you can also browse through the brand’s extensive range of specialised hand tools for the automotive industry. 

Have you tried heat shrinking without a flame? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know how it worked out for you. 

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