Fergus urges the trade to start concentrating on its work/life balance.

Fergus, the leading job management software for tradespeople, is calling on workers in the construction industry to prioritize work/life balance to combat the rising number of suicides and depression related to work issues in the sector. Recent statistics have revealed that the construction industry in the UK is seeing higher rates of depression and anxiety compared to other sectors. Workers in this industry are at a significant risk of suicide, with rates 3.7 times higher than the national average. It is time for the industry to take action and prioritise the mental wellbeing of its workers.

Working in construction comes with its own set of challenges. The industry is known for tight deadlines, long hours, and intense physical labour. These factors can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It’s important to prioritise work/life balance to maintain good mental health, and it’s vital for the construction industry to acknowledge this and take action.

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Dan Pollard, founder of Fergus Software, said, “It is essential that workers take action to prioritise work/life balance. We’ve seen a worrying trend in rising suicide rates and depression related to work issues in our industry, and we can’t afford to ignore this any longer. It’s time for construction companies to take a proactive approach to improving the mental wellbeing of their workers.”

Fergus Software recommends several steps that construction companies can take to address the issue of work/life balance and mental health. These include fostering open communication, providing flexible working hours, prioritising rest and relaxation, promoting physical health, and educating employees on mental health issues and stress management in the workplace.

Moreover, implementing job management software such as Fergus can help streamline workflows, automate administrative tasks, and simplify communication, allowing trades business owners to focus on improving work/life balance and promoting mental wellbeing. Fergus offers features such as scheduling, quoting, invoicing, and real-time tracking of jobs and employees, which can reduce the time and effort required for administrative tasks, allowing workers to spend more time on-site and less time on paperwork. Additionally, Fergus provides a platform for streamlined communication between managers, workers, and clients, reducing the need for phone calls and emails and providing transparency across all levels of the company.

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