FEIN multitools become one MultiMaster family

POWER tools and accessories manufacturer, FEIN, has simplified its product range, grouping its multitools together to form one new MultiMaster family.

The MultiMaster 300, 500 and 700 series, formerly known as the MultiTalent, MultiMaster and SuperCut, will now form one unrivalled family of multitools.

Scheduled to launch this September nationally across the UK with the aim of streamlining product lines for end-users and dealers alike, the globally renowned range will now encompass the three oscillating power tools. Each product will also be available as both cordless and mains-powered options.

“The MultiMaster range provides a one-stop-shop for a breadth of jobs, be it cutting, sawing, sanding or polishing, due to its incredibly extensive catalogue of compatible accessories,” commented Raphael Rudolph, managing director of FEIN UK. “Whether you’re on site for eight hours a day or completing a quick DIY project, the three new products offer a range of performance classes, from entry-level to super powerful for the most demanding requirements.”

The MultiMaster family is compatible with a total of 180 accessories, enabling end-users to complete a range of jobs with just one tool. The MultiMaster 700 series, formerly known as SuperCut, has the ability to saw wood, metal and plastics, while also cutting out tiles, silicone joints and carpets rapidly to precision, and removing adhesive residues and tile adhesive. The 700 series comes in various packages, including up to 60 accessories, making it ideal for all levels of the construction process and everyone from general builders and roofers, to plumbers, carpenters and electricians.

“Due to its robust design, the MultiMaster 700 can cope with the toughest conditions and is able to operate with all Starlock accessories, including Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max,” added Raphael.

The MultiMaster 500 series, formerly known as MultiMaster, can be adapted to complete a range of interior jobs such as sawing wood and metal, as well as sanding and removing tiles, and is available with different packages including, the AMM 500 Plus TOP with more than 30 accessories. Meanwhile the MultiMaster 300 series, previously known as MultiTalent, is designed for sawing wood, metal, plasterboard and plastics and can be purchased with a variety of basic accessories. Both MultiMaster 300 and 500 series multitools are compatible with Starlock and Starlock Plus accessories.

As part of the product range expansion, the company will also be offering up to £100 in Amazon vouchers to any customers trading in their old non-Starlock FEIN tools for the new MultiMaster 300, 500 or 700 series, when they register for the three-year FEIN Plus warranty. 

“The MultiMaster 700 series is one of the most powerful, precise and rapid multitools out there and we’re anticipating it to quickly become the market-leading multitool in the industry, due its advanced and innovative features,” continued Raphael. “The 300 and 500 series offer compatibility with an extensive mix of accessories to complete a roster of jobs, also at a great price point.”

Starting prices for the new MultiMaster 300, 500 and 700 series are £135, £150 and £210 respectively, with various add-ons available for each tool, from accessories to batteries for those opting for the cordless option.

“We were the first company to invent a handheld power tool over 150 years ago and our heritage, alongside our expertise, really have positioned us well to continue launching new, innovative and market-leading products consistently for more than a century. We’re excited to be unveiling this update to our already prominent MultiMaster family and know our customers and dealers will welcome it too,” concluded Raphael.

To find out more about the new MultiMaster 300, 500 and 700 series, visit fein.com/en_uk/FEIN; power tools; multitools; MultiMaster;

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