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Faster and Safer Manufacturing – Norelem Launches 800 Clamping Products 

Norelem, the German manufacturer of machine parts and components with over 60 years of experience in the field, has added over 800 items to its range of clamping products – which means we’re all starting to run low on excuses for a bit of down time! 

Always striving to deliver innovative solutions to new marketplace requirements, norelem’s most recent range will allow for a larger variety of workpieces or tools to be fixed down and machined. The sub-group 01000, which includes the categories of plates, add-on elements, angle plates, and cube tombstones, is the basis of this clamping technology.  

New product families have been added to the plates product range – these being the baseplates and subplates – that can be positioned and fastened directly to machine tables. Both the baseplates and the subplates are available in grey cast iron with grid holes in rectangular and round designs. 

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, says: 

“Clamping technology is one of the essential instruments in facilitating manufacturing. Without the required clamping technology, manufacturing has a high rate of failure, meaning waste in material and time, or it comes to a halt entirely. By expanding our range of clamping technology, we can support more facets of the manufacturing industry and further support those we already do.” 

Effectively, norelem have added seven new product families to its already extensive range. Both prefabricated assemblies as well as individual parts are available, and the individual assemblies can then be quickly and easily put together.  

Because norelem is keen on supporting a multitude of industries across various sectors, the different shapes and designs of the products ensure that the clamps can be used for a variety of tasks and applications. For one, clamp straps are used in mechanical engineering, fixture construction, and prototype construction and they ensure that the workpiece is held securely during milling and welding. 

norelem has also introduced their new sub-group, 42000 “Zero-point Clamping Technology”, which includes four categories featuring zero-point clamping systems, 5-axis module clamping system 80, 5-axis module clamping system 50, and 5-axis module clamping system 138.  

This sub-group brings together a range of tools to save time and effort during clamping. Essentially, zero-point clamping systems enable quick and precise clamping and referencing of fixtures and workpieces on all cutting machine tools and machining centres, as well as on die-sinking and measuring machines.  

These systems are compatible with pallets, devices, vices, and workpieces, and can be changed in seconds with a defined zero point, whilst ensuring a repeatability of less than 0.005mm. 

Luckily for us, norelem has condensed their new and expanded library of clamping technologies into the 2022 edition of The Big Green Book – could it have been more aptly named? – which is a two-volume product catalogue listing over 70,000 of norelem’s products. 

For more about norelem and to order your free copy of The Big Green Book, you can visit norelem’s website and explore the company’s extensive range of parts and must-have components. 

Have you given norelem’s clamps a try? Why not get in touch in the comments below and let us know – we always appreciate hearing back from our readers…

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