Turn Gardening Into a Pleasure With Einhell’s Lawnmower GE-CM 18/30 

At the end of the day – especially a cold and wet one – chores are chores and sometimes taking care of your lawn can start feeling like little more than one. Einhell’s latest lawnmower, though, is here to put that magic back into mowing with all the freedom cordless has to offer. 

Ideal for gardens up to 150m2, the GE-CM 18/30 is the handy piece of kit you didn’t even know you needed. Powered by Einhells exclusive Power Xchange 18V battery system, now compatible with more than 250 tools, this lawnmower gives you the freedom to quite simply pick it up and get to work, no long cable lassoing involved. 

Practical and lightweight, it comes almost fully assembled, with little work required to get it up and running. Simply attach the long handlebars at the sides on the back of the mower, secure these in place, and do the same for the black handlebar with the switch. Featuring a 3-axial height adjustment system, the GE-CM 18/30 is the ideal choice for the home DIY-er looking for a straightforward, no-fuss machine. 

To assemble the catch box, align the two parts as closely as possible and then slot each one of the black hooks into the ridges on the red top. It might prove a little tricky at first, but once the first couple has gone in the rest will be quick work. The black handle slots into the red top very easily and the opening at the front hooks into the back of the mower under the cover. 

How to ensure your catch box is correctly assembled

Before we’re ready to take it out, all we have to do is lift the cover at the front of the mower, fit the 18V Power Xchange battery in along with Einhell’s safety plug, a key that slots in place just above the battery and which keeps your mower from starting if not properly inserted.  

Ensuring your Lawnmower is ready for use
Turning your Lawnmower on

To turn it on, push the red button at the top, pull the lever towards you and release the button. You’re ready to take on the world – or at the very least your terribly overgrown grass. With a 25L catch box fitted in, you won’t have to worry about any pesky weeds getting in the way of your day out in the garden. 

Fully cordless and, best of all, entirely compatible with Einhell’s 250+ Power Xchange tool range, the GE-CM 18/30 is not to be missed out on. 

To check out how this handy piece of kit performs, watch our video down below

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