Peter reviews Draper reciprocating saw

Draper 20V Brushless Reciprocating Saw – Slim and Light

This saw is part of Draper Tool’s new range of brushless cordless tools that share the 20V battery platform. Largely because of the brushless motors the tools are more powerful as well as being lighter and more compact. Definitely a good thing in my view.

Draper Reciprocating saw – side view

The presentation is simple – no fancy plastic cases, just a sturdy cardboard box with tools, instructions, a battery pack, a smart charger and a couple of blades to get you started.  By the way, Draper does a nice line in nylon tool bags for those who want a ‘system’.

But what struck me straight away as I unpacked the saw was its nice slim body that was easy to grip in a number of ways. It weighs in at just 2.2Kg without a battery pack. The main rear handle is ergonomically shaped for good grip and easy handling and it fitted my hand very well. The trigger is securely locked by a push-through button above it – a safety feature that is needed on a recip saw because you really want your fingers away from the blade with no chance of accidentally starting it.

Draper Reciprocating saw – easy tool-free adjustment

On the front, the grip is perforce much larger because of the recip mechanism, but the black grippy rubber makes for a secure grip. A good-sized handguard behind the blade helps prevent the front hand from getting anywhere near the whirly cutty bits, to use a technical term. There are also lots of rubber ‘bumpers’ on the body to protect it and recognise that the tool will be used in rough work environments. The lever to engage the ‘orbital’ action of the blade for faster cutting is set on the left front and works easily. Fitting the blade is as simple as rolling the knurled knob over, inserting the blade and locking it back again. The shoe is adjustable forward and back to help with using all the blades.

Respectable Specs

With a stroke length of 28mm and 0-3,000strokes per minute, this saw is able to keep up with the Jones’s. In aluminium and steel the capacity is 20mm and in wood, up to 200mm. These would all require the appropriate blades and a steady hand because the downside of all recip saws is the level of vibration. They work hard and you do too keeping them on track. As a general rule, it’s a very good idea to wear work gloves, eye protection, dust mask and ear protection when recip sawing

Draper reciprocating saw-handle

It is also the case that most saws from jig to circular, will benefit from being fitted with high-quality blades and this definitely applies here.

I ran this Draper saw through hardwood, plywood, OSB, softwood and some very wobbly sheets of thin steel. Using the correct technique helps achieve good results, so don’t be too proud to consult the instructions for tips.

With an internet retail price of around £140, this saw is a good addition to the 20V range, but I suggest a second battery would be a good idea because all that reciprocating is hard on the voltage.

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