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The Construction Industry Needs You – Building Careers Live 

If you’ve ever wondered how you even start to build a house’s plumbing system, or what it’s like to lay brick by brick until you’ve got four walls and a roof, then Building Careers Live is the event for you.  

Construction careers - building careers live show

As the only hands-on interactive construction careers event in the UK, this may very well be your one and only chance to try it out for real – so what are you waiting for? 

Despite the reputation it may sometimes get, working in a trade can be both personally rewarding and satisfying. Besides being highly paid, the construction industry is one that will take you all around and show you so many places you might otherwise never get to see. 

Working in construction allows you to learn a variety of skills while offering both job stability and career progression. So, you will be happy to know that recruitment for construction jobs has never been higher. Work within the industry is plentiful and varied, meaning it can be easy to find a career that will keep you happy as well as financially secure.  

Whether you are looking to start your career, embark on a change of direction, or just want to learn more about what the construction industry has to offer, be sure to stop at Building Careers Live on July 16th and be part of this unique and memorable event.  

Tickets are available from the event’s website.

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