Check out this new Infinity SP2 Stealth Plate from Redtronic

Redtronic’s latest product launch sees the introduction of the Infinity SP2 Stealth Plate, the world’s slimmest, flexible, innovative hybrid number plate and directional LED available in the market.

Add another dimension your safety…

Available both in single and tri-colour options, the new Stealth Plate is the company’s answer to one of the industry’s most recent challenges: finding suitable warning lights for their newest EV, since electric vehicles don’t have traditional vented grilles.

A perfect solution for electric vehicles where grilles are no longer accessible for traditional mounted directional LEDs.  

Ideal for construction vehicles and as additional beacon warnings lights. We can see these being used by mobile mechanics and tyre fitters.

Flashy Number Plate Action –

Not newcomers to the stealth plate market corner, Redtronic designed the very first flexible stealth plate and introduced the concept to the market back in 2018 with the GECKO6 model. The new Infinity SP2, however, exceeds all expectations and requirements for a stealth plate and is jam-packed with features and benefits. Manufactured in Elland, Yorkshire, the Infinity SP2 benefits from major industry requirements such as IP69K for the toughest environments due to its position on the vehicle. The directional LEDs are EMC R10 and ECE R65 approved and come as standard with 7 flash patterns. 

Some other key features of the new model include a night and day mode, a CAP168/ICAO airport flash, air vents, cruise and GATSO light features, and ultra-bright latest generation LEDs. 

It’s worth noting that the Infinity SP2 Stealth Plate is primarily designed to emit light to the side at the furthest forward position on a vehicle, making it particularly useful when approaching/exiting a junction. Consisting of two vertical directional LEDs with the option to include two additional horizontal front-facing directional LEDs mounted on top of the main assembly, the Infinity SP2 is an all-in-one solution that won’t disappoint. 

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