Bricklaying With Steve and Alex – Video Breakdown 

TOOLKiT sat down for a chat with Steve and Alex, a father and son bricklaying duo that have been making waves in the YouTube community with the videos they film on the job. 

Between the two of them, Steve and Alex have over 40 years of experience on the tools, which they put to good use by sharing some top tips they’ve learned over the years. 

From pointing and garden walls, all the way up to extensions from the foundations up, the two film all kinds of bricklaying jobs (and occasionally even other jobs like steel beam jobs and fencing). 

You can find all our videos with the extraordinary duo below! 

How To Get Started Bricklaying 

Though Steve has been laying bricks for the past 40 years, he had some initial reservations about Alex following in his footsteps. Watch below to find out how Alex talked him into it and how you can get started on the trade as well. 

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How YouTube Is Changing the Construction Industry 

Since starting their channel in 2018, Steve and Alex have come a long way, and now boast an audience of over 27,000 subscribers on YouTube who regularly tune into the weekly videos to get updates on the jobs the father and son are up to and contribute with their own tips and hacks.  

Through their videos, Steve and Alex have managed to develop a tight-knit community of tradespeople and DIY-ers alike who eagerly share their own experiences, suggest alternative methods for tricky jobs, and ask for advice for their own work. 

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What’s In a Bricky’s Toolkit? 

Tools are crucial for tradespeople and, in this video, Steve and Alex talk us through what’s in the toolkit they take with them to every job. Watch to get a sneak peak into what the job is like day to day.  

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What Are The Best Trowels For A Bricky? 

Tradespeople are known for having strong opinions on their go-to brands and Steve and Alex live up to the expectation! Watch below to find out the difference between London and Philadelphia trowels, which profiles is best for which job, and which brand never to go for. 

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Is The Construction Industry Actually Changing? 

Over the 40 years he’s been in the trade, Steve has seen it all, and in this video he gives us a little glimpse into the anxiety-inducing days of no health and safety on site back in the 80s. While Alex can’t speak from experience, there is still plenty he hopes will change in the industry – watch below to find out how we can get started. 

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Is There a Future in Bricklaying? 

The political and economic climate nowadays has a lot of people fearing the near future and in this video, the guys talk us through what bricklaying is really like in 2022 and what needs to change if we’ve any hope of continuing Britain’s proud trade traditions. 

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Check out Steve and Alex’s work here. 

Do you think you could work with your dad? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know. 

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