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Bosch’s Ixo – Doubling Down On The Power 

We’re all about to be out of excuses for not putting together that flatpack that’s been sitting in the corner for months because Bosch has just launched its 7th generation Ixo, the DIYers’ favourite, now with 20% more power and a torque of 5.5Nm thanks to an optimised motor. 

Complete with a longer battery runtime, thanks to a 2.0 Ah rechargeable battery, you can now drive up to 190 screws with a single battery charge – nearly double the number possible with the previous generations of the iconic screwdriver. 

A screwdriver for all occasions 

Expertly designed, the new Ixo also boasts improvements in handling, like the new, LED light ring that ensures a consistently clear view without any shadows when screwdriver, and fits ergonomically into your hand given its shape and extensive soft grip over-moulding. 

Increasingly versatile, the optimised cap concept of the screwdriver can be driving screws one minute, removing a cork from a wine bottle the next and lighting the grill straight after, because exchanging the Ixo adapters has never been so quick and easy.  

Surprise for creative DIYers 

If you want your 7th generation Ixo to be a little more special, Bosch will allow users to individually personalize its box from October. Maybe it’s a present for a special someone or maybe you’re just treating yourself (like you deserve) – the personal design of the Ixo storage box makes each Ixo unique.  

The box can be designed either by uploading one’s own photo or by selecting a suggested motif and to make it even more personable, you can even add text to it as well. 

New Ixo generation sets an example for greater sustainability 

Sustainability is important at Bosch and DIYers can appreciate the sustainable product concept in addition to the improved power and more comfortable handling compared with the last Ixo generation. For example, the outer box, including inlay, consists of over 90% recycled plastic. The overall packaging is smaller, so the material is saved, and waste is reduced.  

To top that, the Ixo is also partially made from recycled plastic but worry not: your favourite screwdriver still preserves its customary stability and robustness for all applications. 

Bosch continues to work to improve the sustainability of the entire product range and a dedicated team was created for this purpose. The team continuously examines and implements suitable measures throughout the world, for example regarding recycling of packaging and power tools. The main objectives are to reduce the CO2 footprint of products in the long term and promote recycling management. 

The seventh-generation Ixo will be available from September 2022 so make sure you don’t miss yours. 

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