Bosch Professional BITURBO Tools At The Heart Of The Kit Keeping The Cars Moving

For its spectacularly challenging motorsport series, Extreme E is counting on Bosch Professional to beat the elements and keep the events moving.

Motorsport fans are used to roaring combustion engines and screeching wheels on lazing tarmac, but with Extreme E’X Prix’ races, the action takes place in the wild. Extreme E is the worlds first off-road series to race 100% electric SUVs in the most remote parts of the world.

In, its inaugural season, Extreme E will take nine teams to the ends of the earth to raise awareness of climate change challenges. Together with the event crew, they have faced the desert in Saudi Arabia (Desert X Prix), the salt beds in Senegal (Ocean X Prix), the frozen ocean in Greenland (Artic X Prix). And most recently rocky riverbeds in Sardinia (Islan X Prix), with the final race taking place on the Jurassic Coast in the UK (Jurassic X Prix)

As an official power tool supplier, Bosch Professional has been with them all the way.

Ready for action – whatever the conditions

“We work in some of the most aggressive environments in the world,” says Extreme E event manager Kester Wilkinson. “We need tools that can cope with everything from the sand and dust in Saudi Arabia to the cold, wind and rain in Greenland” From deserts to glaciers, Extreme E needed professional power tools that could weather sand or storm. Bosch Professional has provided a full range of tools to make even the most difficult operations easier.

With no easy access to replacement tools in the wilderness, Extreme E has no margin for error- so durability is vital ” unless you have reliable, durable products, there’s no point bringing them” says production crew member Dougie Dale. “You will end up breaking them and having to throw them away. But these”- he picks up a cordless Bosch professional 18V BITURBO brushless circular saw- ” work perfectly out here”

Although spare tools have been included in case of breakage, there has been no need to use them. “If a tool breaks, we need to have another one,” says Dale, ” but our Bosch tools are not breaking. we have spares, but they’re still in the box.”

Ultimate performance with maximum freedom

At the heart of the Extreme E, the toolkit is a collection of Bosch Professional BITURBO tools, powered by the Bosch ProCORE18V Professional Battery System. BITURBO tools offer cordless freedom and convenience but deliver the same levels of power and performance as corded tools rated up to 1800W.

Built to robust Bosch Professional quality standards, they benefit from advanced brushless motors which are much more powerful, energy-efficient and longer-lasting than the alternatives. The same can be said for Bosch ProCore18V batteries which combine perfectly with BITURBO tools to maximise each other’s performance.

A key result of this is a longer run time between charges. When the power eventually runs out, full compatibility between Bosch Professional 18V tools batteries and chargers enables quick and flexible swapping and changing. Amongst those Bosch products are the worlds fastest 18V charger.

The Bosch Professional BITURBO range includes combis, drill drivers, impact wrenches, rotary hammers, saws, angle grinfers and more.

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