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UK’s Best and Worst Garden Trends In 2022 

If you are on the tools, working in home improvement, landscape gardening or property renovations, then you’re not going to want to miss this: Draper Tools has just revealed the best and worst garden trends for the UK in 2022.  

Their conclusion? There truly is gnome place like home! 

Draper Tools, the family-owned distributor of hand and power tools with a history of over 100 years, commissioned some research on how people have been making the most of their outdoor spaces and found that more than one in ten of the people surveyed describe their entire garden as “intentionally wild” in style to encourage biodiversity

Brits are embracing wildlife and sustainability in their gardens with bird feeders and baths, composting areas and bumblebee nest boxes – but garden gnomes and artificial grass have had their day. 

While fruit trees, ponds and greenhouses made the most-sought-after list, wind chimes, recycled old tyres, artificial topiary balls and anything painted in an orange wood stain are unlikely to be bought in 2022. 

Water features and “living walls” are also among the most popular garden trends of the moment, whereas fake animals, buddha statues and plastic ornaments are apparently out. 

Sustainable trends 

Kevin Smith, Director of Marketing at Draper Tools, says:  

“So many of us have got into gardening in recent times, and it’s fascinating to take a look at the top trends – as well as those that have fallen out of favour. It’s great to see the number of people focusing on sustainability by growing their own food, composting, harvesting rainwater and encouraging biodiversity in their gardens. Hopefully these are long-term trends that are here to stay.” 

Other elements Brits are now turning away from in their gardens include hot tubs, which may be a direct result of the rising cost of electricity over the last few months. In contrast to this, more and more people seem to be turning towards solar lighting for their outdoor spaces, as well as shunning more traditional items such as gas-powered barbecues and patio heaters. 

While just under a third of the respondents are looking to their gardens as places to grow their own fruit and vegetables (which could once again be linked to the ever-rising cost of living), 24% of people say sustainability is their number one goal

Investing in the garden  

Everyone around the world knows you shouldn’t mess with a Brit when it comes to their garden and this survey has only cemented that idea, with exactly one in five respondents saying that keeping up with the latest garden trends is very important to them, while three quarters reckon they’ve got great outdoor taste.  

To add to that, the survey found that, during a typical week, green-thumbed Brits will spend an hour and 20 minutes pondering how to get the best from their outside space. With all that pondering, they might want to be careful not to strain their necks, as nearly 17% of people admit they get inspiration for their garden by peering over their neighbour’s fence.  

In total, respondents estimate having spent an average of £1,732 per person on buying new bedding, plants, tools and other garden costs since they moved in, and it’s seen as money well spent, as 34% look at spending money on their gardens as a worthwhile investment.  

What’s more, two out of five people say they are actually planning to spend more on their gardens this year than they did last year. This is perhaps not surprising given that more than a third of people say their garden is their happy place and, the same number admit that recent times have made them appreciate how important their gardens are.  

Relaxing in nature  

In the summer months, adults spend, on average, somewhere between two and two and a half hours each week tending to their gardens and the surrounding areas, and 49% of respondents say their top priority is simply to create a place where they can relax.  

Smith adds:  

“Our results found people use their gardens for many different things – and there are certainly strong feelings out there – but almost everyone wants their space to look good. This is the time of year when all the work you put in during winter and spring should be paying off, letting you enjoy that outdoor space. And if wild animals, birds and bugs are also able to thrive in the space, then that’s just perfect.” 

To check out the full list of the UK’s top and worst garden trends for 2022, you can visit Draper Tools’ website, where you’ll also be able to browse through the brand’s extensive range of DIY, power and hand tools. 

Have you done any work on your garden this year? Are you planning a full revamp? Why not get in touch with us through the comments below and let us know what you’ve been up to in your garden? 

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