From Time-Consumed to Time-Efficient

Ricardo Churchil Bespoke Metalwork

Ricardo Churchil Bespoke Metalwork, specialises in bespoke furniture evocative of contemporary gothic design, working with a variety of metals to produce unique, statement pieces. Although originally a hobby the popularity of his products sky-rocketed and became his full-time job with a large client base including the BBC and Sky Arts.  

Ricardo had already conquered the challenge of making his hobby a full-time business however there was still a challenge to overcome this being his choice of equipment.  

The two pillars of any business are efficiency and productivity, without one of the two pillars your business has a higher rate of slowing down and not developing organically. For Ricardo his issue was consistently spending unnecessary time using a tool that wasn’t as fast growing as his business.  

Ricardo was using Bandsaws which had been plagued with unreliability, including failing parts or parts that have broken at a faster rate than the tool seemed to be going. Moving on from the short-term issues Ricardo also had long-term issues with blade wander. Ricardo commented on this product telling us it was his biggest problem and telling us the Blade Wander ‘impacts accuracy and, as you can imagine creates a lot of problems given the intricate details of my work.’ 

Ricardo realised that carrying on with these tools wasn’t commercially viable, not wanting this to affect the business he had built Ricardo contacted FEIN after previously using power tools provided by them before and being impressed. 

Having worked with Ricardo Churchill on several occasions previously, FEIN understood his work, and learning about the day-to-day challenges he was facing, FEIN’s team of metalworking experts came up with a solution. The solution being the MKAS 355 metal chop saw. It’s powerful motor and various saw blades is built to precisely cut all ferrous and non-ferrous metals quickly and efficiently.  

The MKAS 355 metal chop saw from FEIN has transformed Ricardo’s business, he has told us that “since using the MKAS 355, my experience has changed considerably – improving productivity and efficiency massively. The build quality and performance has been the best I’ve used – and, in my experience, it’s incredibly reliable in comparison to other chop saws currently on the market.” 

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