What to include on your vehicle signage?

Did you know that in a busy location, your van could be seen by up to 3000 people per hour?

It’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to sign write their vans in order to gain more exposure for their business and increase their customer base.

Benefits of sign writing your vehicle

1.Very cost-effective advertising

Although it requires a one-off upfront cost, your signage will be visible for around 5-7 years. Over time, it proves to be a very cost-effective advertisement for your business that can bring an abundance of new customers your way. Think about it, similar to online marketing, your vehicles signage will be advertising your business 24/7 – even when you are asleep! 

Colours or Shapes make memories…

2. Insurance

We can’t speak on behalf of all insurance providers, but in general – the feeling is that van signage acts as a deterrent against theft.

There are certain writing tactics that can help deter thieves from targeting your van.

Using phrases such as ‘This van has GPS tracking’ or ‘No tools are left in this vehicle overnight’ can be enough to scare away criminals.

It’s also important to note that displaying a very recognisable logo is a great way to protect your van against theft – as it helps your van stand out from the crowd and not blend in.

3. Builds your credibility

It’s a fact that a branded van looks much more professional than a standard white one.

Having a well-designed, professionally written van can help instil confidence in potential customers as it proves that you are a genuine and legitimate business. Taking pride in your appearance by investing in vehicle signage shows the customer that you are committed to the business and encourages trust.

4. Branding

The latest UK statistics claim that the average driver spends 1,040 hours on the road every year, and with over 35.6 million registered vehicles, this poses a huge amount of potential branding opportunities.

It’s a fact that a branded van looks much more professional than a standard white one.

Having your van sign written allows you to showcase your brand and market your services to these huge numbers of people as you go about your day. It will help you to strengthen your brand identity and boost your brand awareness. Passers-by and other drivers will probably overlook a plain, boring white van; however they will definitely pay attention or at least recognise a very coloured and branded van.

Tips for designing your vehicle signage

  • Follow the rule of three
Van Inspiration

The rule of three’s is very important when it comes to adding information to your van. It indicates that there should be no more than three pieces of information in any view. This is simply because it helps to maximises the attention span of the information you are trying to convey. Otherwise, including too much information in one view may confuse those looking and make it harder for them to see your contact details.

  • Look for design inspiration

Depending on your industry, your signage may differ slightly. But using bold colours and having one point of focus is usually a good starting point. If you opt to use images on your signage, always ensure that they are high quality and in good resolution. There are thousands of examples of amazing van signages online including our favourites from https://www.pinterest.co.uk/tkographix/clever-vehicle-graphics/

  • Use an easily readable font

Don’t forget, sometimes your van will be on the move and other drivers will only get a glimpse as you drive past. You need to maximise the opportunity by making your signage very visible from a distance, and more importantly readable. Whilst you may be tempted to choose a fancy font, most potential customers will have a much easier time reading a more standard font such as Calibri.

What information should you include on a vehicle signage?

  • Your business name

Although this may be included in your logo, having the business name clearly displayed helps potential customers to read and recall it later on. It helps your audience identify your brand, and quickly pick up on what you offer as they drive past. They may use this to find you online or Google your name to learn more about your services.

  • Your logo

We mentioned before about how important building a strong brand identity is and by having your logo on your van, you are able to showcase your brand to thousands of people every day. Your logo acts as a visual aid that facilitates brand recognition and helps your audience to remember your name and what you do.

  • What you do
Dyno Rod and The AA

In order to put your brand into context, people need a quick idea as to what you offer. Whether it is a product or service, it’s always a good idea to use your van signage to tell others what you do. Keep it short and simple though, as most of the time other drivers will only have a couple of seconds to take in your design.

  • Your awards

If you’re an award-winning business, this could help you stand out from the crowd. Even if you have a good number of reviews on one of the leading platforms e.g., Checkatrade or Trustpilot, many customers will feel more confident in your services and be more likely to hire you. These websites allow you to use their logo to assist with marketing efforts, so make sure you do so!

  • Contact details

Probably the most important of all. If you decide to invest in vehicle signage, you want it to generate new leads and customers for your business. For this to be possible, you need to let others know how to get in touch with you. It’s key that you include contact information on your vehicle graphic, such as your phone number, email address or social media links.

Vehicle signage wraps are very affordable nowadays and are an extremely beneficial marketing technique for tradespeople and small businesses.

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