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TaskHer – The Platform Changing Tradeswomen’s Future

Saying that women are still underrepresented in the trades workforce might just be the understatement of the century but, even more, shocking than that, is the fact that 12% of the public completely rules out the possibility of hiring a tradeswoman to carry out work in their home. Thankfully for all the women who dedicate their lives to the manual trades, TaskHer is here to change that. 

TaskHer, which launched in early 2022, puts tradeswomen at the forefront of its plan to shift the gender imbalance in skilled manual trades.  

Months of research into getting under the skin of what tradeswomen want and need has gone into the platform to help tradeswomen not only build their businesses and connect them with supportive customers but to start shaping the manual trades landscape to reflect a more balanced industry.  

TaskHer is totally free for tradeswomen to use, with no sign-up fees, no commission and no paying for leads. Featuring a user interface designed to accept jobs, agree on costs and be paid all in one platform, TaskHer has made sure to create a straightforward system that allows you to spend more time on the job itself rather than running around chasing customers.  

The platform currently represents electricians, heating and gas engineers and plumbers in the London area, but as TaskHer raises more funds to develop their platform, they have plans to expand both trades offered and areas covered.  

Victoria, an experienced heating and gas engineer who’s been using TaskHer to fill any gaps in her diary for the last few months, says: 

“TaskHer is brilliant! I’ve made over £4,500 from extra work from TaskHer so far this year”.  

– Victoria, Heating Engineer

Founders Anna Hernandez and Paul Moynihan have been working with a panel of established tradeswomen to set about building the model, with plans to further develop a resource hub to support women and school leavers with information about careers in trades and training routes.  

Anna Hernandez says:  

“When we looked at the stats – that under 5% of tradespeople are female – we were really shocked. It’s 2022 and it’s time to start not only championing women in skilled manual trades but to start showing school leavers that the trades are a viable career for women and a significantly more lucrative one than the apprenticeships they tend to be pushed towards. By sticking to the typically female-dominated apprenticeships and not considering the trades, women stand to lose up to £1M of potential lifetime earnings.”  

– Ana Hernandez, Founder of TaskHer

If you’re a female electrician, heating and gas engineer or plumber, register with TaskHer today. 

Have you tried TaskHer? What’s your experience with tradeswomen been like? Get in touch and let us know in the comments below.  

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