Tradespeople Lose Almost £1,500 A Week If They Are Unable To Use Their Van 

Tradespeople lose, on average, £1,427 every working week from lost business when their van is stolen, damaged, or written off, according to research by Direct Line business insurance.  

Tradespeople have been plagued by van and tool theft pretty much since vans and tolls have existed but the reality is that, with more and more households and businesses under financial duress, the numbers are only going to keep increasing

While the estimated average for 2022 shows a slight decrease in daily van thefts compared to 2021’s figures, that same number has increased 169% since 2015 – a staggering amount that truly reflects the day-to-day struggles of tradespeople across the UK. 

Through a survey of 250 tradespeople conducted earlier this year, it became clear as water that vans are just as essential pieces of kit as an angle grinder might be, with over three quarters of respondents (78%) stating that their ability to work would either be entirely halted or negatively impacted by the loss of their van – resulting in a daily loss of £285

While the majority of the tradespeople approached in the survey claim they could cope up to three or four days without a van, 24% have asserted that their businesses would take financial hits within 24 hours of their van being taken. 

However, having your van stolen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop working. With Direct Line business insurance, small courtesy vans are provided as standard to support tradespeople whose van is stolen, damaged, or written off.  

If repairs are undertaken by one of Direct Lines approved repairers, a small courtesy van will be available for use until their van is ready for the road again. 

However, tradespeople who use their own repairer, or whose van is stolen or written off, will be given a small courtesy van for up to 21 days in a row.  

Malkit Sihra, Product Manager at Direct Line business insurance, comments:  

“Keeping a business afloat when there is a disruption can be stressful enough, especially when there’s a loss of income, due to their being stolen, damaged, or written off. Our small courtesy van offering helps provide peace of mind and keep tradespeople on the road to serve their customers. Over the course of 21 days, tradespeople could lose up to £6,000 and, at a time where most households and businesses are facing financial pressures, we’re pleased we can help get tradespeople back on the roads quickly.” 

Unsurprisingly, 96% of tradespeople whose business relies on their van believe these courtesy vans to be helpful solutions, as this way they don’t have to completely stop working while trying to get their van back. 

As the numbers of both van and tool thefts keep rising, it’s now more important than ever that tradespeople up and down the country are aware of alternative solutions, and Direct Line’s courtesy van policy may just be one of the strongest contenders out there. 

To find out more about Direct Line’s insurance options, check out their website, where you can browse through an extensive range of policies covering both businesses, goods and yourself. 

Have you noticed a surge in theft in your area? How are you preparing yourself and your business for the possibility that you might be targeted? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know your thoughts. 

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