Toupret Launches Tradesperson’s Plastering Solution: Better, Faster Joint, Skim & Fill Range 

Toupret, the professional’s choice for quality wall fillers, recognises that excellent results matter, but so does the time it takes to get the job done – time is money, after all. With the launch of its Better, Faster Joint, Skim & Fill range, Toupret is ready to make all your jobs quicker than they’ve ever been. 

Specially formulated for interior plasterboard jointing and surface finishing, the range is made up of powder & ready mixed products, ideal for tradespeople who work to tight deadlines. These high-performance products ensure great results the first time, every time.  

Toupret joint and skim for plastering

The range consists of fillers which can be used across painted or unpainted interior substrates including gypsum plaster, plasterboard, old painted surfaces, any fillers in the Toupret range, cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks and stone. So whatever the job, Toupret has you covered. 

Toupret Joint, Skim & Fill powder is quick and easy to mix and easy to apply. It provides a smooth finish with fine skimming in just one coat and is very easy to sand for a perfect finish. Best of all, Joint, Skim & Fill also has no depth limit and it doesn’t shrink. With no need to prime for overcoating, you can be ready to paint in 12 hours. 

Toupret patch and repair filler for plastering

The impressive Joint, Skim & Fill Quick Dry powder incorporates all these qualities with the added benefit of being ready to overpaint in just 3 hours. So, if you’re looking for a fast, high-quality finish to get them onto the next job quicker, what’s not to love? The Quick Dry products are available for sale in both 5kg and 10kg bags. 

Toupret’s Joint & Skim Ready To Use is ready-mixed and can be applied straight from the bucket manually or with an airless spray machine. Specially designed to provide great results from the get-go, this is essential for professional tradespeople that need to deliver quality results quickly. Smoother than a quantum stabilized atom mirror (look it up, you won’t regret it!) and easy to sand, you can’t go wrong with this Ready To Use, and it’s available in a 10kg or 20kg bucket. 

The range is supported by two patch and repair products with excellent adhesion, which makes them perfect for any last-minute snagging jobs. Toupret Patch & Repair Filler Quick Dry is ideal for any touch-ups and repairs but it also copes well with bigger jobs, for example filling larger gaps and seams when replacing plasterboard tiles after access or utility repairs access or utilities holes after repair work.  

Easy to mix and sand, with no shrinkage, no depth limit and no need to spot prime, it’s a definite must-have for every tradesperson’s toolkit. Ready to overpaint in just 3 hours, these come available in a 1kg and 2kg box or 5kg bags. 

Patch & Repair Filler Ready To Use is available in a 1.5kg tub, making it ideal for smaller snagging jobs (including driving over to your in-laws’ after a 10-hour work day to fix that little crack above the socket).  

Reinforcing the range’s better, faster trademark, Patch & Repair Filler Ready to Use is ready mixed for use on gaps, cracks, scratches and holes, and some key features that can’t be overlooked are that this product won’t flash or grin and provides excellent adhesion. 

CE certified for jointing applications (BS EN 13963), each product in Toupret’s Joint, Skim & Fill range is uniquely designed to give people everything they need for jointing, skimming and filling. 

As the professional brand of choice for quality surface preparation, Toupret has spent every day of the last 80 years perfecting its fillers and optimising application techniques. On a mission to achieve expert workmanship and long-lasting results, Toupret strives to simplify the daily lives of professionals and enable them to showcase their skills with the very best equipment. 

What’s your experience with Toupret fillers been like? TOOLKiT’s very own tool journalist Peter Brett gave them a go some months ago and he could not have been more impressed. Get in touch in the comments below and let us know your thoughts. 

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