Storage of Tools – Continual Improvement and Practicality

Did you know this industry is worth a huge £1.2B?

It is being driven by your need to work smarter. No Cords – Just Productivity. Work life is getting peachy as you get the tools to work smarter. James Curtis explains…

  • The tool storage industry is expecting big changes as it adopts new plastic technologies to provide specialist tool storage to suit the user.
  • Even now, some trades still use bags and cardboard boxes to store their tools –this isn’t safe and may have implications on work productivity too.
  • The new expected changes in storage are being driven by better practices and adoption of new trends.

Good quality tools are a huge investment for any tradesperson or business, it’s for this reason that you should take very good care of them and keep them safe. Ensuring that your tools are properly stored and well maintained will save you a lot of time and money, as well as making your jobs much easier and more comfortable.

So to cut the story short, you need better organisation of your tools. This is driving a trend. Add the need to look after our need for working in a cordless and safe environment, then you have one hell of a shift in the way we work.

Why is tool storage and organisation important?

  • Reduce wasted time

If your tools are unorganised and just brought along in a standard cardboard box, then workers are going to waste time trying to find certain tools and equipment. By storing your tools in a neat and organised fashion, workers will be able to locate each piece of kit easily and in no time!

  • Save money

If you are carting around your tools in a bag, then let’s face it – at some point tools will go missing or be misplaced. Having to buy replacement tools for those that have gone missing can be a huge cost to your business, and tool storage companies are here to resolve this problem. 

  • Keep workers moving efficiently

Keeping your tools in a disorganised bag or in hard-to-reach areas will prompt workers to move around the work site in between jobs and could reduce productivity. A significant amount of time and energy can be saved when tools and materials are kept within an easy reach.

  • As technologies advance, the future of tool storage is expected to include battery charging, battery transport and pack organisation.
  • This means that tradespeople will finally be able to operate without mains power in a professional manner.
  • A number of leading brands are involved in the movement, including Black and Decker, DeWALT and Festool.

Festool are a high-end brand that has been at the forefront of this innovation, introducing the new pack and stacking storage equipment. These guys are known for their continual improvements and innovation, dating back to 1925 when the company was first born (under the name of Fezer & Stoll) it introduced the first transportable chain saw.

There’s no doubt that Festool have changed the way this market is heading and how tradespeople will store their tools in years to come.

These systems can be used individually or assembled into customised carts, bespoke to the user needs. The company’s products are centralised around one mission: that your time is your most valuable tool, and they encourage you to make the most of it with the SYSTAINER mobility system.

  • This unique product is designed for traders who are looking to integrate system storage into their work, whilst staying organised on the job site.
  • It also comes as they have released their new customisable workshop that you can transport, set up, and breakdown easily on any jobsite.

In a few simple steps, this clever and compact unit will turn into a mobile workshop in which you can access and use your tools wherever you are – just like in your own workshop.

With other major brands following this trend, the future of tool storage is certainly looking bright. 

Discover a world of Festool products here:

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