Stahlwille electronic pliers

Working Without Compromise – Stahlwille’s New Electronic Pliers Range 

Engineers, are you listening? Because you’d better be! Stahlwille has heard your prayers and they’re ready to answer with the latest range launch of five pliers and cutters for demanding work in the field of electronics. 

Specifically, these are side-cutters for electronics, mini side-cutters with a smaller-format cutting head, end cutting nippers, and oblique cutters, each with chamfered tips and polished heads. The range is complemented by snipe nose pliers for electronics, also known as electronic long-nose pliers – this version is used for gripping, guiding and positioning delicate components. 

Stahlwille’s new tools are fitted with green-and-black, oil-resistant two-component grips. Their ergonomic shape and the combination of hard green and soft black components offer the best conditions for controlled handling in all conditions – because, really, can you think of a worse time for a plier to slip out of your hand?  

Together with the optimised cutting geometry, they reduce the amount of force required and improve the cutting action for uncompromisingly clean cuts. The slim pliers’ heads, especially of the mini side-cutters, make it easy to access parts in awkward working environments. 

The design of the pliers with a box joint ensures maximum precision and a long service life. The assembly process involves one leg of the pliers being inserted in the slotted second leg and all the new pliers have a joint with a double leaf spring that ensures particularly soft, smooth action. The cutting edges are induction-hardened to 62 HRC

The nippers are DIN ISO 9654 compliant and the snipe-nose pliers comply with DIN ISO 9655. The five new electronics pliers and cutters are offered by Stahlwille both individually and as a convenient set in a TCS inlay, which ensures a quick overview and safe storage. 

What are your go-to pliers? You might just be in for a surprise with these new Stahlwille’s… 

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