Snickers Workwear Does it Again!

Snickers, the leading workwear brand is back with another great range of workwear stretch trousers.

Made with the amazingly long lasting innovative Sorona performance fabric, the design offers long lasting comfort, functionality, and sustainability.

Snickers Workwear

Starting as a small company in Sweden, Snickers have been on the forefront of innovative workwear designs. Their entire company is designed on creating products that help the end-user to have a better day-to-day experience. Creating clothes that help users to overcome persistent issue, problems, and annoyances found in other brands.

This new stretch fit range fits right into the existing brand and works with their goals perfectly. Offering a stretchy material that keeps all the strength of a more rigid design.

Snickers had this to say about the Sorona fabric: “Sorona® delivers both environmental benefits and long-lasting performance. This recyclable, bio-based fibre offers exceptional softness and stretchability for maximum comfort as well as excellent durability to help extend the lifetime of a garment. It’s also quick-drying, breathable and soft to the touch for optimal performance that will last through wash after wash, retaining shape, comfort and protection levels throughout the life of the garments.”

If you would like to shop some Snickers workwear items, then you can find some listed on the TOOLKiT website here.

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