The site cabin guys video breakdown

The Site Cabin Guys – Video Breakdown

You may have seen that we recently sat down with two of the three guys behind the one-and-only Site Cabin Construction Podcast. If you didn’t, which rock have you been living under? 

We talked to Dan and Dave about everything and anything, from their rumoured grudge against site managers to their worst injuries and all that is still to change in the industry. Best of all? We’ve shared all their secrets with you!  

Below you’ll find all our videos with the Site Cabin Guys and a little information on each video. 

The Site Cabin Guys – Do You Remember Your First Tool? 

For many of us, that first trip to B&Q will forever hold a special place in our hearts but for Dan, in particular, it was a moment he’ll never forget! What about you? Do you still remember the first tool you bought with your own money? Would you change your first-ever choice now? 

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The Site Cabin Guys – What’s Been Your Worst Injury Working On-Site? 

From a thumb that nearly fell off to a mortice mishap that made our skin crawl, the guys don’t hold back on their stories. Watch to find out just how lethal a brick hammer can be! 

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The Site Cabin Guys – Apprentices in the Construction Industry 

We took the guys on a trip down memory lane to their apprenticeship days to try to figure out what’s changed since then. Apprenticeships in construction often come with a bad reputation but, if you ask Dan and Dave, the secret’s all in the employer. 

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The Site Cabin Guys – Mental Health in Construction 

Mental health can be a bit of a taboo topic among the members of the construction industry, but the statistics don’t lie. Dan and Dave delve into their personal experiences, telling us about what they saw on-site day in and day out and what needs to be done to turn these numbers around. 

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The Site Cabin Guys – Women in the Construction Industry 

Is it their place? Do they belong on-site? Check this video out to find out for yourself just what the guys think of skirt-wearing brickies and what we all need to do to get more women excited about working in the trades. 

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The Site Cabin Guys – First Trade to Clock-Out Early? Makita vs Dewalt? Lightning Round 

We finally got them to crack! We prise quick-witted answers from the guys in this Lightning Round video, where they name and shame the first trade that always clocks out early, struggles to decide their go-to brand, and even finally tell us all about this much-publicised grudge against site managers. 

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Having the guys here at TOOLKiT was a real treat and we can’t wait to get together again. For now, though… 

Can we call the next interviewee up, please? 

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