Warning Lights That You Can Depend On: Redtronic’s New Tornado B47 Beacon

Even if most of us go the majority of our lives without thinking about them, warning lights are completely indispensable in this day and age – keeping us safe day in and day out. In its mission to provide customers with life-saving solutions, Redtronic has expanded its beacon range even further. 

Redtronic, the UK manufacturer that has dedicated the last 37 years to saving lives through innovative and customised automotive warning solutions – all while doing it with style – has announced the expansion of their beacon range. 

Their latest product launch sees the introduction of a sleek, compact, low-profile, high-intensity beacon packed with a variety of features and benefits.   

The Tornado B47 beacon has been designed by Redtronic to ensure it provides the ultimate light output to meet ECE R65 class II approvals in both amber and blue. It is IP69K protected against water and dust ingress, CISPR25 Level 3, EMC R10 and DEKRA speed rated to 153mph / 246.2km/h (magnetic mount).   

tornado b47 beacon collection

Features included as standard are a built-in auto-dim sensor which will automatically reduce light output in dark environments whilst still adhering to ECE R65, 9 flash patterns (including 2 rotate patterns) with CAP168/ICAO approvals. It meets the needs of all customer applications from amber safety and commercial vehicles to emergency services and covert vehicles.  

The Tornado B47 beacon also includes ultra-bright latest generation LEDs under an ultra-strong, UV stabilised, fresnel polycarbonate lens offering multiple lens colour options and LED colours. It is available in multiple mount options including 1 bolt, pole, magnetic and suction making it the perfect solution for both permanent and temporary vehicle applications.   

Key defining features include:   

  • Ultra-bright latest generation LEDs   
  • Highly efficient optic fresnel lens for light dispersion   
  • Compact, sleek, low-profile design   
  • Clear, amber and blue lens options   
  • 1 bolt, pole, magnetic and suction cup mount options  
  • Includes an autoDIM sensor (night and day mode)  
  • 9 flash patterns (includes 2 rotate flash patterns)  
  • ECE R65 approved in class II in amber and blue  
  • Speed Rating: 153mph (246.2km/h) mag mount  
  • IP69K protection against dust and water ingress  
  • CAP168/ICAO airport flash pattern   
  • EMC R10 compliant  
  • CISPR 25 Level 3  
  • 11-32VDC operation  
  • 2-year warranty  


Adrien Bonnefon, Senior European Sales Manager at Redtronic says,  

“We are all very excited to see the launch of our Tornado B47 beacon range. Retaining the same ultra-low-profile shape as the Tornado V2 beacon, we have undertaken a full internal redesign of the electronics inside to provide superior product features such as an integrated auto DIM sensor for day and night mode, CISPR level 3 for reduced electromagnetic interferences, along with a highly efficient optic fresnel lens for better light dispersion.” 

Redtronic’s mission is to provide customers worldwide with a product and service that resolves industry and vehicle challenges. Their products have been serving some of the toughest jobs around the world since 1983, protecting workers and the public in almost all industries.  

For more information about Redtronic’s Tornado B47 beacon, you can check out the company’s website.  

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