Radios for Builders Bangers top 8 radios

Is your job site radio taped together to stop it from falling apart?

Yes, most builders are the same.

But maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new DAB radio with wireless Bluetooth connections?

Many radio offerings state facts about how music on the job can really help your concentration and actually improve performance.

It also important to note that waterproof options are the best because any dampness on site is likely to destroy electrical apparatus.

1. Makita DMR104W Job Site Radio

The Makita DMR104W radio is a high-performance DAB Site Radio which proves to be great value for money. Its robust design means its relatively safe from a few bumps and bruises whilst on-site and can survive a long period of use.

Volumes on this model are great too, so you can listen to your favourite tunes from afar. It’s fitted with an anti-shock feature, which ensures that the sound quality won’t be affected by the heavy impact. And if you have a very unique taste in music and want to play your own songs, then you can plug in your phone/iPod or even MP3 (remember those!) 

To top it all off, the Makita DMR104W is waterproof too – which is great for those who work outdoors.

2. Milwaukee 4933451252 18v Jobsite DAB Radio

The Milwaukee 4933451252 18V Jobsite DAB Radio is one of the most popular choices amongst builders today. The fact is easy to use, extremely portable and has great sound features makes it a favourable investment for builders seeking a high-quality DAB radio. 

It comes with two top-notch speakers which provide excellent sound quality, and the overall durable build is down to specific features like its metal speaker grills and shock absorbing end caps.

We mustn’t forget to mention that this DAB radio comes with 2 x AAA batteries, as there are many on the market that require you to buy these separately.

3. Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker

The Makita DMR200 Jobsite Speaker Cordless has an impressive sound quality and a balanced base. Although the Bluetooth range isn’t as big as others, the AUX cable features definitely males up for it.

This handy and compact speaker is perfect for working on the go and comes with a neat handle that makes transporting the radio easy!

The speaker is has been well constructed, and is proven to last a long time outside, even in adverse weather conditions! 

4. Makita DMR106B Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth and USB Charger

Another great radio from the Makita range and one that’s a very decent buy!

This Jobsite Radio has Bluetooth and USB Charging features, which make it a perfect choice for use on the job site. It’s built well and is a very durable model, so you haven’t got to worry about it whilst at work. 

Some cool features that make this model stand out are its LCD display, simple rotary tuning and volume control, as well as time and alarm timers – so you know exactly when to pack up!

This radio should be a great investment and last you for years, because of its anti-shock loudspeaker system. Similar to the long-lasting Makita batteries that last ages too, so you’ll never be bored on site again!

5. Bosch Professional GML SoundBoxx Jobsite Radio

The Bosch professional Jobsite radio is your best bet if you’re after a reliable sound quality and excellent performance, with great features at a very decent price.

Compared to other models, it is one of the cheaper options on our list, so perfect if you’re on a tight budget!

One of the main perks about this pick is the size. It’s compact enough to easily transport and carry around but large enough to still be heard from a good distance.

6. DeWalt DCR020-GB Compact Jobsite DAB Radio

If you’re looking for a powerful and long-lasting radio, then The DeWalt DCR020 Compact Jobsite Radio could be for you!

It doesn’t offer many additional features like some of our other picks, like Bluetooth connectivity, but it’s certainly a very affordable and good quality radio.

It does have an additional compartment that you can place your phone in, and the USB port is handy for charging your mobile phone.

Overall, it’s an excellent radio that does its job perfectly. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality radio, you just need to take a look at its Amazon reviews to back me up!

7. DeWalt DWST1-75663-GB Toughsystem Radio

The DEWALT DWST1-75663-GB is one of my more expensive picks, but it’s definitely worthy of every penny! 

The radio is well equipped with everything you will need from the DAB stations to the FM stations and AM stations which not all models have. It also allows for Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music straight from your phone without the need for extra wires.

If you want a radio with variety, robustness and great sound quality, this is the one for you.

8. Metabo Battery construction site radio R 12-18 

A great choice for builders looking for a budget-friendly radio with excellent sound quality. It has a battery pack performance that lasts up to 18 hours, is water-resistant and is dust resilient. Definitely durable and adequate for use on a building site with its impact-proof feature offering a great protection framework. 

It has a capacity for 10 programmes of which 5 are for FM channels and 5 for AM stations. It has revolving acoustics, volume level command and a digital clock with an added alarm feature!

Weighing in at 1.8 Kg, this popular worker’s radio works on 12v to 18v batteries, including a mains lead. And not to forget its Bluetooth capability either, meaning you can play your favourite tracks directly from your phone. With sufficient volume quality and base control, it definitely won’t let you down on site!

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