Stihl PROCom Headset

Never Miss A Beat With Stihl’s Advance ProCOM Headset

Anyone working in forestry or landscaping will know just how hard it can be to get your message across to co-workers over the buzzing sound of a healthily-oiled chainsaw. With Stihl’s latest innovation, however, you no longer have to compromise your safety in the name of intelligent communication. 

Ever since they invented the first portable chainsaw, Stihl has stood for revolutionary technology integrated into quality, premium tools, and their latest launch keeps the company very much on brand when it comes to innovation.  

Stihl’s new Advance ProCOM headset offers forestry and landscaping professionals clear and high-quality communication in noisy environments, while simultaneously guaranteeing a high level of ear protection.  

With Bluetooth mesh technology integrated into the headset, up to 16 ProCOMs can link automatically, allowing users to listen and communicate effectively as a team. Add to that, the ProCOM is also compatible with a number of wireless devices that can be connected to the headset for communication with other team members who may not require a headset of their own.   


Designed with user safety in mind, Stihl’s new innovative headset has a high attenuation value of 31 (32 for the headset version) for extremely high noise protection and is available as a headset or as an accessory for the Advance X-Climb helmet. Advance ProCOM may also be fitted to other 3M compatible helmets.    


Advance ProCOM has a range of up to 600m depending on the terrain, however, each headset acts as an amplifier to extend the range even further if more than two headsets are in use. Multiple channels are available for teams working in close proximity, and users may choose between the open mic setting for frequent communication, or alternatively, the push-to-talk button to minimise background noise.   


The intelligent ambient mode feature allows the user to clearly hear their surroundings and react quickly to potential dangers such as traffic or passers-by. A key feature of this mode is the fact that it de-activates automatically when a loud noise is detected, maintaining a high level of protection when it’s most needed – and possibly when you’re least expecting it.    


Additional features such as smartphone voice assistance, an integrated FM radio and app customisation are also included in the Advance ProCOM system. Thanks to an IP 64 protection rating, users can also be assured that sweat, dirt and rain will not harm the headset’s electronics, offering complete flexibility, including large, ergonomic buttons for easy use and handling when wearing gloves – it’s like they thought of everything.   


For more information on Stihl’s new Advance ProCOM headset, you can visit the company’s website. 

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