My top five tips for safe working this winter Craig Phillips February 2016

Hopefully 2017 has started well for you with plenty of interesting and varied projects on your books to keep you busy. When you are moving from project to project it can be easy to get consumed with getting the job done and it is at these busy times that standards can sometimes slip, particularly when it comes to safety.

It can be easy to dismiss simple safety procedures as ‘health and safety gone mad’ but whatever the project, the most important thing to bear in mind is always safety. Whether you are working on site or in a home, by working safely you will not only protect yourself from injury but also create a safe working environment for your colleagues and clients.

I have come up with my top five things to bear in mind this winter to help keep you safe and well when at work, check them out…

  1. Always wear the proper safety and protective equipment for the task you are undertaking. Simply wearing durable gloves or eye protection can help prevent injury.
  2. When working outside pay extra attention to icy pathways and wet leaves, both of which can be causes of slips and trips.
  3. Keep your work vehicle in good order and ready for the worst conditions. Keeping some essentials such as water, a shovel, a blanket and a snack in the back of your van could pay dividends should you get stuck in bad weather.
  4. Dress in layers – by layering-up you can protect your body from dipping temperatures but peel off layers as you begin to warm.
  5. While you should always take time to plan and assess a job before you begin, it is particularly important to do so in winter conditions. Be sure to identify any potential risks or hazards, particularly those risks which could be obscured by snow or ice.
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Working in a safe way doesn’t have to mean a huge investment. In fact, when it comes to safety, the simplest solutions are often the best – eye protection, gloves and hi-visibility clothing are inexpensive and easy-to-use ways to make your working day safer. Everyone has their own ways of working and preferred brands when it comes to tools and equipment. For me, when it comes to safety and protective equipment I choose Blåkläder. A leading name in its country of origin, Sweden, Blåkläder, is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality safety wear that can be relied upon to offer the protection and comfort you need when tackling those tough jobs. Find out more at

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