Get Clean Cuts All Around With Laser Tools’ Cable Cutter 

When you think of frustrating auto repair jobs, clutch swaps and transmission repairs are probably the first things to pop into your mind, but something as simple as cutting a battery cable can have mechanics ripping hair straight from their heads.  

Any mechanic on the tools knows just how problematic cutting automotive battery cables can be – not only are they hard to cut, but their surface and width make it even more difficult to get uniform and professional-looking cuts.  

So, like many apprentices out there, you might be wondering, is there actually a way of doing it easily and above all, neatly? Well, thanks to Laser Tools, there is now! 

This handy cable cutter from Laser Tools is designed to effortlessly snip through automotive cables of up to 70mm² in size – and, just as easy to use as a pair of scissors, it leaves a professionally cut cable. 

Removing the insulation is just as simple and the tool also includes a handy insulated terminal crimper on the inside, just below the blades, which allows for incredibly neat crimps. 

Robust and well-made, the blades are manufactured from highly corrosion-resistant SUS 420 J2 stainless steel, with the cutting edges hardened to 56 HRC (Rockwell scale). For increased grip, the handles are fibreglass-reinforced nylon with TPV inserts, making them both sturdy and comfortable to hold. 

Cut thin cable, cut thicker cable — it’s all just as quick and the result is a level, professional cut. And the best part? These handy cutters are now on offer for £20.34 and available from your Laser Tools stockist. 

To find out more about these cable cutters, or to explore Laser Tools’ extensive range of specialised hand tools for the automotive industry, check out the company’s website. 

What’s been the hardest auto repair job you’ve ever faced? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know. 

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