Laser Tools service table

Keep Your Tools Handy with Laser Tools’ Mobile Service Table 

They’re at it again! Laser Tools have once more figured out a way to make our jobs just that little bit easier, this time with a mobile service table that has been perfectly designed to be positioned over a vehicle engine bay, in a vehicle via the doors, or over the car boot. 

That’s right, no more going back and forth for that wrench that you could have sworn was just over there a second ago. Now, you can keep tools and parts close to hand and within easy reach, saving you the needless hassle and precious time. 

The simple but robust design allows the tray to be moved up and down single support, with height adjustment from 515mm up to 1300mm – great for commercial vehicles and even better for your back – ensuring the tray can be positioned at the required height for easy access. 

The service table has a maximum loading capacity of 50kg – which means that yes, it will take slave battery without falling apart – and the tray dimensions are 40 x 340 x 700mm, narrow enough to access through a vehicle door.  

The table is also equipped with four 74mm swivel castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability, two of which come fitted with a brake – because there might not be a more disheartening sight than watching your tools roll just out of reach. 

Essentially, it’s one of those handy bits of kit that you will make use of constantly and after a week won’t even remember what the workshop looked like without – or even how it worked at all. 

So, stop doing needless crunches anytime you need to reach for a screwdriver and save your sweat for your work with Laser Tools’ mobile service table, available now from your local Laser Tools stockist. 

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