Make Your Days a Breeze With Laser Tools’ Magnetic Cordless Tool Holder 

Stop spending half your day searching for that drill that was just in your hand a minute ago with Laser Tools’ latest product, a magnetic holder for all your cordless tools. 

We all know by now that any time we notice something that could be just that little bit neater in our workshop, we can count on Laser Tools to launch a solution specifically tailored to that problem. So, why should today be any different? 

magnetic tool holder

The hand tool specialists haven’t earned their well-established reputation in the marketplace for no reason. On the contrary, the brand’s development team keeps on surpassing themselves with each product release, and this magnetic power-tool storage rack (part number 8378) is just going to make your days easier than they’ve ever been. 

Hooking over the edge of tool cabinets or other metal storage units, the rack features a strong rubber coated magnet on the lower support to both keep the holder in place and protect the paintwork. It can hold up to three power tools, keeping them safe and within easy reach, all while saving you precious storage space inside the tool cabinet.  

magnetic tool holder

Manufactured from steel, this robust tool holder has a durable black powder-coat finish and it will latch onto virtually any standard toolbox or storage unit that has a raised lip. 

Secured by an ultra-high-performance neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnet, this is a magnetic storage rack you’ll soon find all over the country’s workshops. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Laser Tools Racing BTCC team, who need every tool to be in its correct place when they reach for it. 

You can find more details on Laser Tools’ website or at your local Laser Tools stockist. 

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