Laser Tools Is Changing the EV Repair World With This Insulated Toolkit 

Calling all sparkies, mechanics and anyone with an eye for electrics! Laser Tools, the manufacturer that never stops innovating, has just launched a 3-drawer toolbox filled to the brim with fully insulated tools. 

At this point, Laser Tools really should consider making their slogan something along the lines of “The place where innovation doesn’t take a break…”  

The brand, which specialises in hand tools for the automotive industry, has made a habit of continuously launching tools specially designed to make easy work of difficult jobs, and their commitment to consistent development is truly something to behold. 

Their latest is a robust 3-drawer toolbox, which contains a 27-piece selection of fully insulated tools to suit the needs of any mechanic working on hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as electricians and anyone else who looks at electrics and thinks, “Sure, I’ll have a go at that” – count me out, that’s all I’m saying. 


With safety at the forefront of all their new developments, these Laser hand tools are suitable for live working up to 1000V AC / 1500V DC and include insulated combination pliers (35mm jaw opening) and insulated side cutters (19mm jaw opening), both with two colour VDE insulated handles with slip guards – that’s right, they’re useful and comfortable.  

Because you can never have too much of a good thing, the toolbox also includes insulated screwdrivers: Ph2 x 100mm long, flat 5.5mm x 125mm long. 

If what you’re after, however, is a good ol’ spanner, then fret no more: the toolbox comes with five insulated open-ended spanners (8, 10, 12, 14 and 17mm), and an insulated 3/8″D ratchet (with a casual 72 teeth).  

Let’s keep it going – also in the toolbox are nine 3/8″D insulated sockets, available in 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19 and 22mm, with a length of 71mm, which come paired with a 100mm extension bar for greater and easier access to all those fiddly parts.  

Also in the set are an insulated cable knife ideal for stripping standard cables, and a 420mm long flexible magnetic pick-up tool with 250g pick-up capacity – because there aren’t enough fingers in one hand to count the number of minuscule bits and bobs lost forever down dark and cramped mechanical cracks. 


To check for the existence and/or absence of high voltage, a CAT IV 1000V voltage tester is included together with a disconnect and shut down digital timer, which can be used to accurately measure the required shut-down period between switching off the ignition and disconnecting or reconnecting the vehicle’s battery.  

And, finally, you’ll also find in this near-magical toolbox three cable end shrouds for use on uninsulated cables: 24mm (OD) x 20mm (ID), all of which incorporate flexible gripping collars to prevent damage to cable insulation. 


All tools are safely stored within the drawers in EVA foam trays to help keep them organised and easily accessible. The toolbox also includes a top tray, ideal for storing fixings and safety tags/signs, and incorporates a top carry handle, as well as side handles for easy lifting, plus corner protectors to hold the drawers closed – they really did think of everything.  

Made from high-density polyethene plastic with its high strength-to-density ratio, the toolbox can also be used as a step if needed (with a maximum weight capacity of 120kg). 


To find out more about this toolbox that I’m not sure anyone can go without, you can check out Laser Tools’ website, as well as explore their extensive range of specialised hand tools. 

Does it get any better than a toolkit like this? If you’re looking at yours in the corner there and thinking “Heck yes, it does!”, then why not get in touch in the comments below and rub it in our faces? We always love hearing back from our readers… 

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