Knipex DP50 Launch

Pipe Cutting Made Easy – Knipex Launches the DP50 Pipe Cutter 

Plumbers won’t want to miss this: Knipex’s latest launch makes cutting and chamfering large plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 50 mm into just one easy step. 

Knipex has been around so long – over 140 years if you can believe it – that it’s easy to forget where the German company got its start. From a humble start as a small smithy for pliers in Carl Gustav Putsch’s basement in the 1880s to becoming the worldwide leading specialist for professional pliers, Knipex has amassed enormous amounts of knowledge and know-how when it comes to plier manufacturing. 

That doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past, though! If anything, Knipex is always looking ahead and searching for new ways of innovating its products. Their latest launch is indeed proof of the brand’s commitment to continuous development and, here at TOOLKiT, we can’t wait to see what their innovation team comes up with next. 

The new Knipex DP50 pipe cutter for plastic pipes is a perfect tool for plumbers – made even better by combining two functions in one tool. Larger pipes with diameters of 32, 40 and 50 mm can be easily and precisely cut and chamfered in just one quick operational step. so there is no need for subsequent deburring or readjustment during the cut.  

Yes, you read that right – no more deburring and readjusting after you’ve made the cut! To top that, the DP50 also prevents blockages or damage to seals due to improper deburring thanks to its innovative design. 

The Knipex DP50 tool is suitable for all standard household plastic pipes (commonly drainage pipes) with a diameter of 32, 40 or 50 millimetres and wall thicknesses up to 2.4 millimetres. The newest addition to the brand’s pipe cutting range can cut any of these pipes easily, cleanly, and smoothly, and the reversible blade, which is made of high-quality ball-bearing steel for the smoothest of cuts, can be changed without any tools. 

Self-adjusting rollers with plain bearings guide the pipe to be cut optimally and safely. For precise positioning, the user’s view remains unblocked on the pipe to be cut – so no more breaking your back just to get a good look at what you’re about to chop off. The cutting blade is spring-loaded, which means that, once set, it exerts enough pressure so that no adjustment is necessary.  

Trimming or fine cutting is possible from a section length of around 10mm and pipes can be cut with a little safety allowance during installation and then precisely cut to the required length in a subsequent re-cut.  

Made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, the body of the Knipex DP50 is very robust and durable, while simultaneously ergonomically designed to prevent any ill-timed cramping – that’s right, you’re not the only one.  

To find out more about the next must-have on your toolkit, check out Knipex’s website, where you’ll also be able to browse through the German brand’s extensive range of pliers and hand tools. 

Have you had a go on these bad boys yet? Or are you still too busy gawking at Knipex’s stripping tools? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know.  

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