Is it time to review your power tools? Craig Phillips Discusses What To Look for

As a professional tradesperson, you will no doubt have built up quite a collection of power tools over the years. From a diamond drill to a nail gun, having the right tool for the task at hand is essential in getting the job done properly.

From drills to saws, angle grinders to routers, the right power tool not only ensures you deliver a high-quality finish, but can also help you to maximise your time on site. Time, as they say, is money and this is especially true for self-employed tradespeople who need to be able to turn projects around quickly and to a high standard.

When you rely on your tools for your livelihood it is, of course, in your best interest to take care of your tools and equipment, therefore maximising its life span. Easy ways to do this with your power tools s to keep your tools clean and to always store them away properly to prevent damage. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. No matter how well you maintain your power tools, inevitably there will come a time where they need replacing.

So, what should you look for when investing in new power tools?

Well, firstly look at the battery power on offer. As a professional you need a battery with staying power; losing time out of your working day waiting for tools to charge is a waste of your time and can be frustrating. Some power tools come with an interchangeable battery pack that can be used across all tools within the range. The key advantage here is that you can always have a battery pack on charge, it also makes carrying around your power tools easier and lighter as you are not having to carry multiple heavy battery sources.

Another key consideration when choosing a power tool is the durability on offer. With tools regularly in use, often in tough conditions, you need power tools that have been designed with the professional in mind and therefore are robust and durable. Ask your local power tool supplier for a demonstration of some of the power tools they would recommend for people within your trade.
You may also want to consider noise levels, something that is a particular consideration when working in people’s homes or other places where noisy equipment could cause disruption.

The most important factor when choosing any tool is of course its safety credentials. Always opt for a power tool that offers features such as safety cutout, protection guards and lower vibration levels. Repeated exposure to vibration can result in Vibration White Finger, so opting for a power tool with lower levels can minimise this exposure and make it more comfortable for prolonged use.

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