How Datatag Is Tackling Plant and Machinery Theft with a New Police Liaison 

With plant and agricultural machinery theft representing an estimated loss of £1M a week for the construction and agricultural industries, it’s no surprise that continuous investments are crucial to bring these numbers down as much as possible. 

To this effect, Datatag has established a Police Liaison Team (PLT), a key link between the Datatag team and Police across the UK. With relationships growing throughout the UK, the security solutions company has expanded its team and hired Vincent Lane to support the ongoing operation.  

Vincent has a 17-year career history as a PC and is a specialist vehicle examiner with extensive experience with the Datatag product range. Having spent a long spell as a dedicated rural response officer with a particular passion for tackling vehicle crime, Vincent has recovered a number of stolen vehicles with a value in excess of £1.2M, especially during his secondment to NaVCIS (the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service).  

Vincent’s new role with Datatag involves working with the police forces in the south of England examining vehicles and machinery. He will also be responsible for the investigation, identification, and reinstatement of recovered assets and assisting Police officers with training on the Datatag CESAR Scheme and law enforcement. 

Vincent says: 

“I have a particular passion for tackling vehicle crime and I coordinated our response to all construction and agricultural plant machinery theft throughout Hampshire. I created a weekly plant theft and rural crime bulletin which included images of each respective machine. This helped fellow police officers, who might not be familiar with plant machinery, of what to look for in stolen machinery on their travels. I believe that Datatag is at the forefront of fighting vehicle crime and the CESAR Scheme is a great success.”  

Vincent, A specialist vehicle examinar

The Construction & Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration Scheme (CESAR) was established in 2008 as an official construction and agricultural equipment security and registration scheme. In fact, as the leading initiative of its kind, the triangular CESAR registration plate has become the industry standard identification mark. 

Promoted by the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and supported by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), CESAR is powered by Datatag ID technology and accredited and supported by a wide range of organisations. 

Given the sharp increase observed in plant and machinery theft during the first pandemic months, keeping your assets secure is of the utmost importance nowadays, and the industry has united behind Datatag as a way to permanently mark and protect their property

Kevin Howells, Managing Director at Datatag ID Ltd, says: 

“Over the last three decades Datatag has established itself as one of the leading companies tackling organised crime and proving beyond doubt the true identity of a vehicle – it’s critical for our world-class Police Liaison and Training Officers to continually support Police and Law Enforcement around the UK, Europe, and the World. We are extremely fortunate that Vincent Lane has joined Datatag and we cannot wait to see the results he will no doubt achieve.” 

Kevin Howells, Managaing Diector at Datatag ID Ltd

What are your thoughts on plant and machinery security? Have you been affected by this increase in thefts? Get in touch and let us know in the comments below. 

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