Five tools to help you with your computer build

ARE you preparing to build your first PC?

With so many different options and various toolkits available online, you may be wondering: “What tools do I need for the job?”

The good news is that modern day computer builds don’t require as much equipment as you may think.

Unless you’re building a very advanced PC model, a screwdriver should be the only major tool that you need.

But there are some tools on the market that can make your life easier.

Below are my top five tools to help you with your PC building project, including some personal recommendations!

1. Electric screwdriver

In most cases (pun intended) – a screwdriver is the only tool you will need to put together your first PC. Its main use is to tighten up screws and hold your components securely in place. 

Now, although a basic screwdriver would probably do the job, electric screwdrivers will make the build much easier. The high-speed capability will allow you to get things done quicker and therefore speed up your building time.

Most powered screwdrivers (including Boschs Cordless Screwdriver ) offers greater efficiency and makes it easier to insert screws quickly and accurately. It also has a very powerful drill capability which ensures that your joining will last!

2. An Anti-Static Wrist Strap

An anti-static wrist strap is a DIY-er’s bracelet.

It’s a very handy device that is worn on your wrist and connects to an electric socket. Whilst building your PC you will obviously be working with various electronic components, and if any electrical charge builds up between you and your hardware components, it is safely disposed of with this bracelet. This avoids any sparks which will could potentially damage some of your computer parts.

There are other ways that you can manually reduce this risk (by grounding yourself) but wearing an anti-static device is definitely the most convenient. 

3. Cable or Twist Ties

Let’s face it, building a PC won’t be a very tidy job.

Things will get messy inside a PC case, especially when you think about the data cables going from your storage and disk drives to the motherboard, and power rails from the power supply to the motherboard, CPU, GPU, storage drives – we could go on and on.

In a bid to keep this neat and tidy, pick up some cable ties. These will keep loose wires out of your way whilst you continue building the PC, but also promotes a better airflow within the case.

4. Needle-nosed Pliers

Needles nosed pliers are great for loosening up bolts that are extremely tight, or even picking up screws that you have dropped inside the case.

They are also very handy for removing and inserting jumpers on motherboards and cutting cable ties.

5. Screw Tray

To build a computer, you’re going to need a lot of small screws, nuts and bolts.

In order to avoid losing any of them or having a disorganised workspace, I recommend getting this handy gadget – screw trays.

Putting your screws into these trays as you work and keeping them organised will help you to keep track of different screw types and work more efficiently.

Looking for an all-in-one solution? We don’t blame you.

Check out the latest full PC tool kit builder from Ifixit and get building. 

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