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Fein Is Changing The Power Tool World With Its New Magnetic Core Drill 

If you’ve been itching for some true innovation in the power tools world, you can stop scratching because Fein, the German power tools and accessories manufacturer with over 150 years of history, has launched a new magnetic core drill, the KBE 32, in the UK’s metalworking market.  

Now available nationwide, the new KBE 32 magnetic core drill is the most powerful in its class, with a 1200-watt high-power motor reliable for drilling holes up to 32 mm. It is also the first tool on the market to combine a weight of 10.8 kg with 1200-watt, offering a revolutionary power-to-weight ratio with high magnetic holding force, as well as optimum control accessibility for those working in tight spaces. 

“We’re expecting the KBE 32 to rapidly become a market leader, thanks to its ground-breaking power-to-weight ratio and ergonomic design. Equipped with innovative FEIN technology, the tool is the first of its kind in terms of both weight and functionality,” comments Andy Mills, Managing Director at Fein UK. 

The KBE 32 has been developed with a real focus on accessibility from a size, weight and controls standpoint. This was a key priority throughout the entire research and development process, as the brand’s user-focused philosophy guarantees that each new product is built with the end user’s optimal comfort in mind. 

With over 150 years’ experience in manufacturing power tools, Fein has a rich history of innovation, providing application-based solutions for end-users in the metalworking and construction sectors. 

“The KBE 32’s entire development has focused on accessibility, from the size, weight and controls, each of which were key priorities throughout the entire R&D (research and development) process. To add to this, it has it’s been built to stand the test of time, while its mechanical components have been designed for up to 70,000 drill holes,” concludes Andy. 

To find out more about Fein and the KBE 32, you can visit the company’s website, where you’ll also be able to explore its wide range of power tools. 

What do you think of this magnetic core drill? Will it change the power tool game for the better? 

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