Evolution of Mechanic’s Tools

This £1.4B marketplace is historically entrenched by standard sizing and limitations of tools due to materials and geometry.

Innovations in the car industry have over time transformed the job of being a mechanic. As cars become more computerised and advanced, so has the job of maintaining and keeping them in shape. This has triggered a continual improvement in product design and efficiency.

The future is smaller compact tools (ratchets, wrenches, and socket) designed to make mechanics lives easier without compromising function. Especially where mechanics have to operate in engines that are tighter to work in than they were a decade ago. They have also been developed to help facilitate access to hard-to-reach areas.

Ratchet and sockets sets are mainly used for tightening or loosening a wide selection of fastener sizes and types. Used widely by many mechanics, the smaller and more compact tool can help improve work efficiency. They are such a versatile and convenient tool which can make tricky tasks much easier, with a very user-friendly design.

Innovation of TOOLS

The innovation does not stop there with advances being made with the ability to work with striped fasteners with smarter metal technologies.

Most of larger brands have been in the tool market for a long time, and they have stood the test of time. They have continued to grow because they continually learn the needs of their customers and improve their products quality year after year.

Mac is one of leading brands in the tool manufacturing industry because of their ability to produce high performance tools for mechanics. Formerly Mechanic Tool and Forge Company, the brand has over 800 professional tools, including a large range of wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, and assorted air tools.

Another very successful and reputable brand is Snap-On, which formed in the 1920s and now owns a variety of brands which include Williams, Bahco, Irimo, CDI Torque, Blue Point, and Lindstrom. Located in Wisconsin, Snap-On is the go-to brand for many professional mechanics. It offers a huge range of mechanical tools and has been recognised in the industry for ingenuity and innovation.

Known for its work with R&D, the brand’s goal is to enhance productivity. They are top manufacturers that assess the needs of their customers and therefore are able to provide high quality and effective tooling solutions.

Electric vehicles and electrocution

Under the latest UK Government plans, all new cars will have to be electric from 2030, but even before sales of these models were and are still booming.

Although an excellent aim in terms of protecting the planet, mechanics are finding themselves increasingly exposed to the risk of electric shock. Tool user have been buying rolls and rolls of insulating tapes and coating their tools in them to reduce the risk of shock. Innovation is being driven to produce tools that can function in the modern mechanics’ workshop whilst reducing the risk of electrocution and improving quality of the tools purpose.

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