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How Einhell Is Overcoming The Global Supply Chain Crisis 

Amid a global supply chain crisis that has us all wondering if things will ever go back to ‘normal’, TOOLKiT got in touch with Einhell, one of the world’s leading suppliers of handheld power tools, stationary and garden tools, to find out how the company has been affected by the current issues and what its plans are for the near future.  

The last few months have been tough for businesses in the UK, with unprecedented supply chain disruptions bringing the worst of the issues to light. From labour shortages across all industries to post-Brexit trade barriers, global supply problems, and panic buying, there has been a panoply of contributing factors, and its effects can be seen pretty much everywhere you look. 

From delayed deliveries to soaring fuel prices and empty supermarket shelves, companies all across the globe have been consistently reporting increasing issues. With the general public growing ever more money-cautious, TOOLKiT is on a mission to understand how the world’s leading brands are working to navigate this new international paradigm. 

This time around, we reached out to Einhell UK Limited. Covering both the British as well as Irish markets, Einhell is dedicated to product quality and to developing exclusive, innovative, modern designs that meet or exceed the expectation of both the DIY enthusiast as well as trade professionals. 

We spoke to Freddy Holder, MD for Einhell UK, who provided TOOLKiT with a holistic view of what the past few months have been like for the company.  

  1. What are the key issues affecting Einhell’s manufacturing? 

The global supply chain is our biggest challenge post-COVID-19.  The demand spike for production has resulted in longer material lead times, material price increases and shipping availability. 

  1. How is Einhell overcoming this? 

We have had to adapt to this new reality and one of the key elements is ensuring we have enough safety stock to cover us for longer periods of time.  During these uncertain times, and with the extraordinary macroeconomic factors we have seen recently, we have had to adapt some of our practices, which has primarily meant careful management of our stock.   

  1. With a marketplace that thrives on innovation, how is the current global situation affecting this? 

For us, to be honest, this has not hindered our new or existing product developments.  Our innovation teams continue to develop new technologies that benefit our consumers. 

  1. What can we look forward to in terms of innovation from Einhell in the next five years? 

New product development is at the core of what we do, particularly in battery technology. For example, our next generation of batteries are flatter than ever before yet they deliver the same levels of power and will also occupy a smaller footprint. Additionally, we continue to add new products to our range, for instance, the clean and dirty water pump categories. To date, we have over 200 tools available to the UK consumer for most jobs in the home or on-site. 


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